Cartoni JIBO

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Here’s some more information from Cartoni on their new, 3-section crane in a case, introduced at Cine Gear. The CARTONI JIBO is a lightweight jib arm that carries a camera and head up to 15 kg (33 lbs). The entire unit fits into a durable, portable Pelican-style case on wheels. (Buy dumbbells as counter-weights when you arrive on location in your friendly local body-building or sporting goods store.)

So, how would you use a JIBO? Mount it on your tripod, attach your fluid head to the end, and now you can achieve smooth up, down, and diagonal moves — where you previously only had pan and tilt.

The JIBO consist of 3 sections that can be assembled or disassembled in less than 3 minutes. It weighs only 12 kg (25 lb) and folds down to 1 meter (38″) in length for packing. It moves from ground level to 2 meters (78″) high.

 The rear part of the arm, which holds the counterweights, adjusts in and out for accurate camera balancing. The front telescopic arm permits the CARTONI JIBO to work in a wide variety of shooting positions: normal, underslung, sideways, etc.  The horizontal lock is a safety device helpful for setting up the jib.

JIBO attaches to any 100mm bowl base tripod. For heavier setups, a Mitchell base adapter is available.

JIBO’s standard configuration includes a rugged, waterproof, lightweight resin case with wheels, a 100mm bowl base head attachment with multiple orientations (left, right, over, under) and 2 bubble levels.

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