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Elements, the stars formerly known as Element Technica, manufacturers and designers  with CNC skills rarely seen outside Munich, launched a new line of  professional camera accessories aimed specifically at the new generation of lightweight digital cinema cameras.  Their Micron Standard Line is a camera support system that essentially is like, “Honey, they shrunk the accessories.” Picture all the great but heavy and bulky baseplates, bridge plates, dovetails, brackets and handles you know and love–and then re-engineer them to be lighter, smaller, faster, smarter and specific to smaller-bodied cameras .

The new Micron Standard Line is designed and made by Elements at 3ality Technica’s high-tech Burbank, California facility. The first system is custom-designed for the new Sony NEX-FS700 camera and includes the Micron BridgePlate, the Micron Dovetail, and the Micron Sony FS700 Riser. Additional accessories are on the way to speed up going from tripod to handheld, from studio to Steadicam, from car rig to remote head, and so on.

The Micron Dovetail Baseplate is about 60% the size of current ARRI style baseplates.   It weighs 180 grams, compared with traditional 700 gram baseplates. A Micro Baseplate and dovetail combo weighs 360 grams, compared with legacy combos weighing 1260 grams. These are weightwatcher accessories. Great features: the baseplate stays attached while a shoulder pad attaches magnetically. Thoughtfully designer rosettes for left or right sides can be added on where and when needed.

Elements is also preparing similar systems for the Sony F3, Sony NEX-FS100, RED Epic, RED Scarlet, Canon 1D/5D/7D, all DSLR lines and small-size S35 cameras.  The Micron Standard Line is made of durable, high quality materials, including lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum tubing that maintains core strength while reducing overall weight.

“In the same way that these small cameras represent a game-change to shoot professional cinema quality content with lower-priced cameras, the Micron Standard Line marks a turning point in dedicating the Elements design and manufacturing expertise to provide the same physical performance of their larger counter-parts.  3ality Technica’s Elements is dedicated to ensuring the benefits of smaller cameras is considered in everything we do,” says Stephen Pizzo, SVP of 3ality Technica (as well as former camera assistant and filmmaker–so he knows whereof he speaks).

Hector Ortega, SVP of 3ality Technica, and a hero of good AKS design, says, “The Micron Line will spearhead our foray in to the DSLR market.  We’ve taken everything that is great about the ARRI Bridgeplate system, miniaturized it for smaller cameras, including its lightweight benefits and integrated a shoulder pad system.  Users will be able to quickly and easily take their camera from tripod to shoulder and back again without having to remove any accessories, including the lens.”

Hector continues, “A year and a half ago, no one would have imagined these cameras would be as good or at those prices.  These are wonderfully functional cameras–it’s mind-boggling where we were and where we’re going. The potential for growth is exciting; we jump on every new camera we can get to work on for additions to the Micron Line. That’s the driving force behind all of this.”

For additional information about the Micron Standard Line: https://elementtechnica.mybigcommerce.com/

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