Joe Dunton Eyes GoPro

As we’ve noted before, Joe Dunton never saw a camera he didn’t want to cut in half, or a camera company he didn’t want to own. He owns Mitchell and Moy. Some were speculating at NAB 2012 that the twinkle in Joe’s eye included Kodak, Panavision and Deluxe, complete with bespoke edge numbering that would include the cinematographer’s name alongside the perfs.

We saw Joe and Lester Dunton at the AbelCine booth with an interchangeable set of lenses for GoPro cameras. With more than 800,000 GoPro cameras worldwide, this could be a rather large market.

The GoPro camera comes with a fixed lens that covers a 170 degree (wide) angle. The Dunton lens set covers focal lengths from wide to very telephoto. More details to come.


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  2. the wetlander says:

    Yes, please. I love the GoPro – I use it constantly and think it is close to perfiect, especially for the price. I use the thing all the time for underwater shots for my site, and the ability to focus would make it the best camera EVER.