Anamorphic: Cameron | Pace and Hawk

Heading back to New York from NAB, normally hectic Las Vegas airport feels like a calm oasis compared to the LVCC. Decompression is like a speed-ramp from 96 fps back to normal walking speed. Here’s the first of a string of forthcoming debriefs and comments.

Among other things, NAB 2012 was the year of anamorphic. We saw a prototype ZEISS ARRI Anamorphic in both companies’ booth.

Servicevision announced a line of new anamorphics to be presented at IBC. More on both lines later.

A big announcement on the final day of NAB was from CAMERON | PACE Group and Vantage Film (makers of Hawk lenses). The two companies are going to partner on 3D/5D anamorphic lens systems.

This will begin with integration of the existing Vantage / Hawk 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 80mm, and 110mm anamorphic lenses into current CPG systems.

Vantage Film is also developing an anamorphic lens system that they said would “set a future benchmark for anamorphic cinematography.” Prior to worldwide availability, these new lenses will be delivered to CPG for evaluation and possible use on upcoming 3D/5D productions. Introduced by James Cameron and Vince Pace this week, 5D production consists of a single camera system that can capture both 2D and 3D simultaneously.


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