BSC Show

The BSC Show opened today in the big George Lucas stage at Elstree Studios. Tomorrow’s (Saturday, Feb 4) show times are 10 am – 4 pm. It is a terrific show: well organized, well attended, with lots of new equipment, and a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues.

Some first looks (for me, at least)–

Panavision showed working models of their 3 new Nova Zoom Lenses: 15-40 T2.6, 27-75, and 60-125 mm T2.8. All have built-in focus, iris, and zoom motors. Disconnect the cables for manual control. Production units are expected in 2012.

Frieder Hochheim flew from LA to London with a preview of his new Celeb 200 LED Kino Flo. About the size of a Diva light, the Celeb 200 continues the company’s theme of appealing to Divas, Celebrities and talent who crave soft single source light that’s easy on the eyes (no hot pin-points of light). The Celeb 200 has a soft diffuse face, dial-in color temperature from 2700K to 5500K, with on-board or remote dimming. It draws 100 watts and provides the equivalent of more than a 750 watt tungsten zip (soft) light. To be continued…



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