JVC Shows Handheld 4K Camcorder at CES

It’s here! JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corp., today announced the GY-HMQ10, the world’s first handheld consumer-priced but professionally potent 4K camcorder at CES. Anyone wondering whether all the flurry over 4K monitors would be in vain for lack of 4K content has only to fight through the crowds at JVC’s booth to see a breakthrough 4K camera. You may not be watching network 4K broadcast for a while, but you can simply plug in your new HMQ10 directly.

It which captures, records, and plays video images at 3840×2160, which is 4 times the resolution of HDTV 1920×1080. JVC’s Falconbrid large-scale integration (LSI) chip for high-speed signal processing and a 1/2-inch CMOS imager with 8.3 million active pixels, delivers real-time 3840×2160 footage at 24p, 50p, or 60p.

The big thing here is the ability to capture, process, display and record full 4K images in real time, without external processing.

JVC’s Falconbrid LSI processing takes raw image data from the camera’s CMOS device and debayers it in real time. Unlike many high end 4K cameras, the GY-HMQ10 is able to output 4K images to a monitor or projection system in real time with virtually no latency. This capability opens up applications in cinematography, medical microscopy, specialized observation, surveillance, and live wide-view event coverage.

Using MPEG-4 technology and a variable bit rate H.264 codec operating at up to 144 Mbps, the GY-HMQ10 records up to two hours of 4K video to economical SDHC or SDXC memory cards.

In addition to 4K imaging, the GY-HMQ10 also captures and records 1080i or 1080/60p full HD. HD is recorded on a single memory card in a format compatible with most editing systems. This combination of 4K and HD imaging was requested by attendees of JVC’s 4K forums (we participated at Cine Gear Expo 2011), conducted throughout North America last year, and is unique in the camera industry.

Similar in size to JVC’s popular GY-HM150 ProHD camcorder, the GY-HMQ10 includes a build-in F2.8 10x zoom lens with optical image stabilizer, as well as a color viewfinder and 3.5-inch touch LCD monitor with a new user interface.

The GY-HMQ10 is equipped with manual level controls for audio, with audio metering in the LCD and viewfinder displays. A microphone holder and two balanced XLR connectors with phantom power are located on the handle. The camera is equipped with a built-in stereo mic for ambient sound pickup.

Other features include JVC’s patented Focus Assist, as well as manual and auto control of focus, iris, gain, shutter, gamma, color matrix, and white balance. The cameraman output  live 4K via four HDMI terminals.

“Historically, JVC has been a leader in camcorder and display technology, and the GY-HMQ10 is our latest breakthrough,” said Edgar Shane, general manager of engineering.  “It’s part of a larger move at JVC to bring 4K technology to a wide range of customers.” In September 2011, JVC introduced an affordable line of 4K projectors to the home theater market. The company’s high-end 4K projectors are widely used in commercial flight simulators and planetariums. “4K is the logical step beyond HD,” said Shane. “And JVC is uniquely positioned to lead the industry in this new direction.”

JVC’s move into professional 4K will be unveiled in a series of industry announcements beginning at CES and continuing throughout 2012. We’ll stay tuned.

At a retail selling price of $4,995, the GY-HMQ10 launches today, with market deliveries beginning in March 2012..

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  2. Jan Becker says:

    Hi Jon,

    there was another Camcorder at the JVC booth at CES tucked in the corner, overseen by most: It was also a 4K camcorder but with a 1.25 inch sensor and exchangeable lens mount. Same recording workflow onto 4 SD cards. Another breakthrough product. I guess we’ll see more of it at NAB. I posted a photo of it on my twitter account: