Chrosziel on Sony F3

At IBC, Chrosziel showed an ingenious system to support a Sony F3 and SR-R1 Memory Recorder. It’s light, stylish, practical and comfortable.

The SR-R1 Memory Recorder lets you record Sony S-Log 10 and 12-bit RGB 4:4:4. It connects via cable directly to the F3. The SRMemory cards, about the size of an iPhone, come in 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB capacities. More information at

Here’s the configuration for the Chrosziel rig:

Mattebox: MB 450 Super Wide. (Part # 450W-20)

This is a lightweight carbon fiber mattebox that attaches to 15mm rods and holds 4×4 and 4×5.650 filters.

Lightweight Support 415HD (Part 401-415HD)

The LWS 415HD is a reinforced LightWeightSupport for the Sony PMW-F3 with front and back rod holders. It comes with 15 mm rods, 500 mm long. (The rods are actually 2-piece, with threads. They screw together. One section is 310 mm long, and the extension rod is 190 mm long. Having long rods protruding fore and aft is the recommended setup when using the Sony SR-R1 memory recorder mount.

If you want carbon rods instead of aluminum, the part number is 401-415HDCF. Carbon rods are lighter. Highly recommended.

SR-R1 Memory Recorder mount with 15 mm rods (Part 401-R115)

Articulating mount for Sony memory recorder SR-R1 on 15 mm rods. Works best with the reinforced LightWeightSupport 401-415HDCF rig with 500 mm long carbon rods.

If you’re using 19mm rods, order part # 401-R119 to mount the SR-R1.

Carrying handle for SR-R1 Recorder (Part 3305).

Top handle for Sony memory recorder SR-R1 when used with SR1 mounts 401-R115 for 15 mm rods and 401-R119 for 19 mm rods.

Handle Bar proVideo Hand Grips. (Part 403-10)

Handle Bar proVideo, for use with LWS. With clamp that attahces to 15 mm rods. ,

Shoulder Pad proVideo (Part 3035)

Attaches directly to rods at rear.






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