Kinotehnik LCDVFe

Meet Tonis Liivamagi, CEO of Kinotehnik. His marvelous LCDVFe Electronic Viewfinder was shown at IBC. It’s a big step up: sharp, good color, a universal color viewfinder for cameras with HDMI output. You can really see whether you’re in or out of focus. It will be equally at home on a Sony F3, RED Dpic, or on a DSLR. Delivering soon from headquarters in Tartu, Estonia.

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Helpful features include:

  • focus assist with red peaking
  • expsoure assit
  • 1:1 pixel zoom
  • Uses 4x AA batteries on-board for about 6 hours
  • Power supply from 4-17 VDC
  • 24-bit 3″ screen with 840×400 resolution
  • Very good glass lens with diopter adjustment
  • Weighs about 12.3 oz (350 gr) without batteries
Manios Digital & Film will be the US distributor.




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