Angénieux ADS/i

Angenieux showed working models of its ADS/i lens data system at IBC. A small box that attaches directly to Optimo zoom lenses, ADS/i speeds up production and post-production with helpful metadata about lens parameters: focus, iris, and zoom settings. Using Cooke’s open architecture /i Technology protocol, film and digital cameras can record frame accurate metadata of essential lens settings.

/i technology streamlines both production and post-production, saving time and eliminating guesswork. The /i Technology module monitors and transfers information on focus distance, depth of field, zoom position and iris setting to monitors, memory cards and media. It’s like an automated camera report.

Here’s an example of how /i helps. You’re shooting a special effects scene handheld with an Optimo zoom. Not only are you handheld, but you’re also zooming in and out. The effects house has to marry your live shots to background plates. With metadata (zoom, focus and iris positions), they can save hours of time compositing the background to your live action, and they won’t have to guess your focal length when you zoomed.

/i Technology is available on all lightweight Optimos including the 15-40mm, 28-76mm and the new 45-120mm lenses as well as 16-42mm and 30-80mm Optimo DP lenses.

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