Hawk Anamorphic 45-90mm T2.8

Vantage Film, the designer and manufacturer of Hawk Lenses, premiered their lightweight, compact Hawk Anamorphic 45-90mm T2.8 zoom lens at Cine Gear Expo. It will be available in both 2x and 1.3x squeeze (2x for 4:3 and 4-perf image areas; and 1.3x for 16:9 and 3-perf image areas). The anamorphic element is in front.

The zoom lens weighs a mere 4.5 kg, focuses to 2’6″ and is 220 mm long. The front diameter is 125 mm.






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  1. Anjan Baidya says:

    I shall thanks and best wishes all the scientist and technologist for their noble contribution for the Digital Cine Sector. I hope and trust that your every contribution and labor will fruitful for all of us. So I hope We will get a better result from using a Hawk Lenses. Best of luck once again everybody.

  2. Alex Chinnici says:

    Any word on when it might come to the US?

  3. DC Patterson says:

    So that I can temper my fantasies with a hint of of reality – any rough ideas on purchase price or rental?

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