iDC System Zero

Bring out your inner Ikea…er…iDC. iDC Photo Video is the innovative industry in Arizona where director, cinematographer, photographer Bruce Dorn and visual effects artist Maura Dutra design and fabricate essential camera accessories. Dorn and Dutra were first to come up with simple, friction-drive follow focus systems for DSLR cameras. They continue to come up with intuitive stuff to simplify the way we work with cameras.

When a box full of beautifully packaged parts and clear instructions arrived the other day, I started my stopwatch and five minutes later had the new SYSTEM ZERO fully assembled, with only one or two peeks at the instructions. You definitely won’t have to call in Ikea’s Home Assembly Team, or anyone else. Simple and simply clever.

SYSTEM ZERO is the latest, streamlined, low-profile model in the iDC Photo Video line of camera plates, follow focus, mounting brackets and accessories. The new Sliding Focusing Plate accommodates a large range of lenses. “Look Ma, No Gears!” That’s the beauty of the system. SYSTEM ZERO (patent pending) is a gearless follow-focus.  The direct-drive focusing wheel is machined from industrial plastic bearing material and features a soft high-tech O-Ring for positive rubber-on-rubber operation.  Lens changes are quick and easy, and was introduced with the first model back in early 2009.

Gearless, friction drive has another benefit. SYSTEM ZERO works with Canon’s 17mm, 24mm, and 45mm Tilt-Shift Lenses, no matter which way they are angled.

By eliminating gears, gearbox and focus ring teeth, the iDC Follow-Focus is a simple and efficient accessory at a very reasonable price.

Here’s a comprehensive PDF outline with specs on the entire iDC System Zero.

For a huge (and growing) list of lenses known to be compatible (there are undoubtedly many more), download this PDF.


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