JVC 4K at Cine Gear

More K at Cine Gear. JVC Professional Products Company will host JVC 4K Focus Forums on Friday June 3 and Saturday June 4 at Cine Gear Expo. JVC will show their new 4K technology, which is based on the world’s first large-scale integration (LSI) chip for high-speed processing of images. There will be detailed demonstrations of the technology and feedback from attendees is encouraged. JVC product engineers will attend. “The feedback we get will help us design JVC’s next generation of production cameras,” said Dave Walton, assistant vice president of marketing, JVC Professional Products. Cinematographers of Cine Gear — here’s our chance to make suggestions BEFORE they build the camera.

Seating will be limited , so register online at http://pro.jvc.com/4k.

Developed by JVC  to handle data-intensive acquisition, the new 4K technology makes possible the first handheld camcorder to shoot and record four times the resolution of HD. LSI requires 40 percent less power and, compared to previous LSIs, cuts systems costs in half. “For several years, still cameras have been able to achieve 4K resolution, but the bottleneck has been in processing and recording the images up to 60 frames a second in real time,” said Walton. “The new LSI chip does just that.”


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