Water Resistant Sony HXR-NX70

Sony’s new HXR-NX70 is a water, spray and sand resistant NXCAM camcorder every documentary or news crew has wanted for years: the first Broadcast and Industrial grade rain-proof, spray-resistant, dust-proof, sand-proof camera.  I heard that the networks were influential in development—this was a camera they really wanted. I want one too. The sensor is 1/2.88”. The wide-angle 10x zoom is the 35mm format equivalent of 26.3-263 mm.

The camera has not been tested yet for salt water, but if you probably can wash it in the shower or under a garden hose with fresh water. Its IP54 compliance is similar to the image stabilized binoculars you’re used to using. It is not meant to go underwater. It should be onboard with every sailor, watersports coach, boater, kayaker or fisherman.

Additional details from our March 2, 2011 post.

More information on Sony Professional’s Website.


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