Report from Dorian in Tokyo

Dorian Weber shoots for Film and Digital Times in Tokyo. We were in Akasaka last week. I was a lucky one–returning to New York a few days before the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Here is Dorian’s report.

March 11: Be glad youre not here. 8.9 shock and then to be on the 34th floor…not good.

March 11, 3 pm EST: 5 PM — still after shocks.

March 13, 1pm: News came out last night about reactor no. 1  The earth is still trembling with aftershock frequencies of 10 min. (a strong aftershock of 6.6 was near Tokyo this morning) But what worries me more is Reactor No. 3. Hopefully I will be able to make it to NAB. Things are a bit chaotic as of now. Bad news keep on streaming in… now another Nuclear Power plant overheating.

March 13, 1:30 pm: There are 2 more reactors at critical levels. Was awakened this morning by a 6.6 quake. Prefer a different wake-up-call! Since Friday’s major quake we had over 30 aftershocks between 6.0 and 7.1. Friday night over 200 aftershocks…. all night rattling. I think, you got out the right time.

March 13, 2 pm: Situation is like a rollercoster here, news changes in minutes…. first situations change so quickly and second impressions are different…. so many people say so many different things on TV. Aftershocks are less now.

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