Game Changer

The melodrama was maximum on some websites that picked up my earlier post about Sony’s new >4K camera. I called it a Game Changer. They cranked up the noise, and talked about “gauntlets” being thrown, “stakes” being driven, “lines” drawn somewhere–maybe the sand. Someone said they saw a Palindramatic metaphor about targets, but I suspect it as an unconfirmed sighting.

All this hyperbole distracts from what’s really going on. There are no gauntlets, duels, bouts, jousts or conspiracies. What’s exciting is that we’re entering a new era of high resolution, speed, dynamic range, contrast and practicality that approaches what Richard Edlund, ASC (Chairman of the Academy’s Sci-Tech Committee) predicted would happen around now.

As cameras are being designed and manufactured, there is no right or wrong or best of breed, best in class, or whatever words the PR departments or reviewers conjure up. Each camera has its virtues (and faults). The tiny multiple camera arraythat fits inside a baseball doesn’t have the resolution of something bigger. But for a flying POV shot, you can’t beat it. (You hit it). The next camera with amazing specs may be a bit bulkier (this year) than its more ergonomic, lighter, faster, counter-part. Each camera is a tool, an instrument–and it’s a combination of the job, the style, and how you like to shoot that will determine which camera is best for you.


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