I’ve know Stan McLain since he founded Pasadena Camera Rentals in 1985. He’s an accomplished aerial cinematographer–one of my favorite sequences is his gorgeous Amazon rainforest flying sunset shot in At Play in the Fields of the Lord.

Since 2000, Stan has been running Filmtools, supplying expendables and essential film production gear both online and in his Burbank store. Almost every cleaning and camera repair product I’ve ever written about can be obtained from Filmtools.

The Burbank store, a short drive from Burbank Airport, is like a Home Depot for Camera Crews, Grips, Gaffers and Filmmakers. You walk in for a small bottle of Pancro Lens Cleaner, and a little bit later you’re at the cash register with an entire shopping cart of things–some of which you never knew existed, but now you cannot do without.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Stan McClain asking, “Why aren’t we a sponsor of Film and Digital Times?” I wrote back, “We can fix that.” Please welcome our most recent sponsor and longtime colleague, Stan McClain and Filmtools.

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