Imagine you’re on the board of one of the world’s major imaging giants. (Many of our readers are.)

You’re looking beyond HD and 3D for the next big thing. What do you see?

If you happen to be at CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show in Yokohama at the JVC booth, you’re seeing consumer 4K home video.

Not one, but two JVC 4K cameras with a “Falconbrid” trademark.

I’m not sure if they’re referring to a Falcon Bird, known for its excellent eyesight, but the 4K camcorder promises 144 Mbps data rate via 4 HDMI connections, 60 fps, 3840 x 2160 resolution, 16:9.

JVC also showed a smaller 4K camera, a ¬†little larger than Sony’s NEX-5 and with a fixed zoom lens. The JVC GC-PX1 shoots 1080p onto SDXC cards at 36 Mbps as well as 10 megapixel stills. You can also shoot up to 300 fps at 640 x 360 (low) resolution. Photos by Dorian Weber.

The 4K output from the video camera was displayed on a 4K monitor (at left) so sharp it looked like the real deal moored in Yokohama Bay outside.

NAC showed us Ultra-High Definition UHDTV 8K at IBC with a target date of 2017-2020.

Get ready to recycle your current state-of-the-art 2K home theater and make way for the next wave of images that push the envelopes of perception, resolution, clarity and reality. Oh, and can you tell the difference? Yes, absolutely.

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