AFC Micro Salon

Micro Salon is the annual event of the AFC (Association of French Cinematographers) in Montmartre at la Femis Film School, in the former Pathe Film Studios. It’s one of the best events of the year: a gathering of cinematographers, operators, assistants, gaffers, grips, directors, producers, film crews and students. I think the entire French film industry shuts down to attend the Micro Salon. The exhibits and conversation are excellent. The food, of course, is superb. Film and Digital Times will be there.

There will be lectures, demos, and an equipment exhibit of cameras, lighting, grip, and accessories.

Exhibitors: Aaton, ACS France, Aile Image, Arri, Arri Lighting, Airstar France, Binocle, Broncolor-Kobold, Ciné Lumières de Paris, Cininter, Digimage Cinéma, Dimatec, Duboi, Eclair, Eclalux, Emit, Fujifilm France, Fujinon, K5600, Key Lite, KGS Development, Kodak, Loumasystems, Lumex, Maluna Lighting, Mikros image, Panasonic France, Panavision Alga-Techno, Panavision Cinecam, Papaye, Propulsion, Roscolab, RVZ Lumières, Softlights, Sony France, Sublab, Thales Angénieux, Transpacam, Transpagrip, Transpalux, Transvideo, TSF Camera, TSF Grip, TSF Lumière.

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