artemis workshop

Curt O. Schaller going over artemis with Kristina Schulte-Eversum

Test-fly and learn all about the artemis camera-stabilizer system from the guy who designed and invented it: Curt Schaller. He’s giving three-day, hands-on workshops in New York (Sept 25-27) and LA (Oct 30-Nov 1). An experienced cameraman and Steadicam operator, Curt is also an excellent teacher. He’ll make you feel like an expert in only three days. Try out the rigs, learn how to prepare and set up your equipment, discover expert techniques for framing and movement, and find out how to use your equipment safely and efficiently. Oh, and ask him to discuss how he packs his entire system in the trunk of his little Porsche.  Get more information and sign up here at Createasphere.

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