The Guys Must be Crazy

Could Bob Primes, ASC, Dan Kneece and Yousef Linjawi be doing a sequel to Jamie Uys’s “The Gods Must be Crazy” — called “These Guys Must be Crazy?” Follow their blog on Creative Cow to find out. The plotline: Three cinematographers, aged 24, 54 and 70 go to Tanzania on a cinematographers’ safari. They bring more equipment than three guys can possible keep track of, let alone clean–but then, these are not ordinary guys. They are schlepping: Sony F800, Fujinon 25-1 w/ doubler & Fujinon image stabilizer, Weisscam HS-2 ((1500fps at 2K; 2000fps at 1080p; 4000fps at 720p), Panavision 135-420 T2.8 26lb lens nicknamed ‘The Hubble,’ Canon 5d Mk 2, 1D Mk 4, 28-300, 500 T4; AJA Ki-Pro-MacBook Pro- 4TB RAID 1 for the Weisscam; tripods, Transvideos, Pellicans, batteries, and hopefully a first aid kit. Sponsors include Clairmont Camera, Panavision, P+S Technic, Fujinon, Sony, Canon, Sachtler, Transvideo, and more. They are traveling by vintage Land Rover, the lovably least reliable automobile on the planet according to legend.” I hope they write a book about their adventures.

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