Cassie Jaye Wins Best Doc at Cannes

A few days after managing the Film and Digital Times NAB booth, Cassie Jaye flew to Cannes. And won!

Actress, filmmaker and Film and Digital Times NAB Booth Team Leader Cassie Jaye won Best Documentary at the Cannes Independent Film Festival for her film “Daddy I Do.”

Stylishly directed, beautifully shot, and thoughtfully crafted, Cassie produced and directed this dramatic documentary about the effects of Abstinence-Only Programs versus Comprehensive Sex Education in schools and what society can do to help lower teen pregnancies, abortions, and STDS, as well as poverty and sexual abuse.

“Jaye has captured something in the confused American soul regarding sexuality. Despite the numerous pressing trials of our time, Jaye’s film effectively begs the viewer to pay attention to this issue.” – Barbara DeGrande

Interview with Cassie Jaye on YouTube.