Sony PL (Z35)

Alec Shapiro, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Sony Broadcast and Production Systems (above), taking the wraps off a new Sony prototype camcorder with PL mount at the Sony NAB press conference. It is expected to be ready between the end of 2010 and NAB 2011. The size and shape looks something like a cross between an HVRZ7U and a PMWEX3, with a PL mount and unspecified sensor. For the moment, we’ll call it a Z35. The estimated price is expected around $19,000. Could it be an APS-C or APS-H size CMOS sensor, perhaps fabricated where they make Sony’s Alpha digital still camera imagers? No fan–it probably runs cool. Hopefully the eyepiece can detach from the rear, and mount forward of the top handle, for shoulder-resting. Like Panasonic and Canon, Sony is master of the 35mm camera trinity: making their own circuits, sensors and glass. I would expect stiff competition, and groundbreaking, game-changing cameras coming very soon.

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