Lots of Lenses at NAB

Although 3D is one of the major themes of NAB, the abundance of new lenses is certainly remarkable.

In addition to the new Arri/Fujinon Aluras (18-80 T2.6, 45-250 T2.6), there are four other new Fujinon HK (for momentary lack of a better name) PL zooms: 14-45 mm T2.0; 18-85 mm T2.0; 24-180 mm T2.6; 75-400mm T2.8-3.8. I saw them being set up in Fujinon’s booth C-7425 and at Band Pro C-10308.

Also at Band Pro, we’ll see Stuart Rabin’s new Ruby wide zoom, and news that they are exclusive US distributors of the FGV PL Canon 7D. We’ll see new primes from Schneider C10337. The new set of Compact Prime 2 lenses with interchangeable mounts will be at the Zeiss booth C6345. More Cooke 5/i and Panchros at Cooke C5347, and some new surprises at Angenieux C6037.

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