ombre_019_1280mOMbre.US is a cool, new multipurpose case with convertible cover for your laptops on location, on set, or anywhere. No, it’s not named after the Martin Ritt western “Hombre,” shot by James Wong Hong, ASC, and starring Paul Newman. The star of OMbre.US is artist, designer, creator and manufacturer, Elaine Fasula. I ran into Elaine this summer in Grenoble while visiting Aaton, where she showed me an early prototype of the most amazingly innovative laptop case I have ever seen. It’s ready now.

Elaine explains, “I created this case for people to work outdoors, in cafes, on location, to create shade,

privacy. When I was in France, I thought of ombre, meaning shade.”

OMbre comes to the rescue when you want to color-correct a scene while your computer is in bright sunlight or in front of a glaring Brute of a light. OMbre is also what you need when you’re sitting on the right side of the plane from LAX to JFK, the sun is glaring off your laptop because the window shade is jammed, and you’re trying to watch DVD dailies screened off from your nosy neighbor.

When it’s time to saddle up and move on, OMbre.US folds cleverly into a protective cocoon of a case, available  in strapless or shoulder strap models.


OMbre.US laptop cases come in faux leather or the kind of soft lambskin leather you’d normally see on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré or Madison Avenue. Actually, you’ve seen this kind of craftsmanship before. Barneys. This is the same Elaine Fasula who was celebrated by cinematographers and sound mixers everywhere for her exquisite leather barneys that made Aaton LTR, Aaton 35, Arriflex 16SR, and 35BL cameras quiet as a catacomb, even when poorly loaded.

I am sure that OMbre.US is a going to become the essential production accessory for everyone who appreciates stylish form and superb function. I think the introductory prices are as follows:

Lambskin leather case with shoulder strap                     $375.00

Lambskin Leather envelope                                                   300.00

Faux Leather envelope                                                            240.00

Faux Leather envelope with shoulder strap                      300.00

Currently, OMbre.US is available at Abel Cine Tech and ARRI CSC. There will be a website, but for now you can order directly by calling 917-922-0904 or emailing:

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