Eyemo Red

IMG_1826PugliaWebCinematographer Gerardo Puglia writes, “This is my Eyemo 71 QM, which I uncovered and bought from Eastman Kodak a number of years ago. I sent it to Steve Bereczsky in Vancouver. He modified it for me, removed the turret, and put on a Nikon mount. The camera you see has a 50mm Zeiss Nikon mount. The three objectives on the camera are 1 inch, 1.5 inch. and a 10mm Soligor which is normally used on a Filmo but works well on lenses ranging from 16mm to 20mm in 35mm. I recently bought a time lapse motor from NCS in Long Island which runs on 12 volt batteries. The results are wonderful…I own several of these 35mm motion picture cameras, and the images are quite impressive.”

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