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  • I’ve just had a chance to sit down, grab a cup of coffee (with little bit of Baileys in it) and enjoy your latest issue. It was a brilliant read about the new camera and a quick glance into the future of cinematic camera technologies. Thank you very much for including us as well.”

  • I am a huge fan of all of your work; you have literally informed my career since it began.”

  • Thanks for your magazine; it’s always all the news I want, all in one place!”

  • Thank you for keeping FDTimes so updated and such an important reference for us all.”

  • I really like what you are doing with your mag. It’s the best around!”

  • Your work is like no other when it comes to detail and precision and I very much appreciate it. It's really an honor to have my work represented in your magazine.”

  • I´d like to congratulate on  the interview with Vittorio Storaro and Aurelian Dodoc. It´s really a pleasure to read both of them, so interesting and enriching! I´m happy to be a small part of this amazing project you carry out. Thanks!”

  • Its tough to stay in touch with all the new technology out here in Kenya, so I really value your magazine.”

    —Jim Bishop, Cinematographer
  • Want to know more about motion picture equipment? You've come to the right place.”

    —Iain A. Neil, President, ScotOptix
  • I could read your magazine forever.”

    —Peter L. Collister, ASC
  • Great magazine.  I came across it at Cinegear Expo at Paramount Studios.  I'm one of the Creative Cow forum leaders for Canon EOS DSLR cinematography and have used the information in your magazine to answer a few questions I get on the forum. Keep it up. It's probably the most information rich magazine I've come across in a while.”

  • I should commend you on a quite fantastic issue. From stunning front cover to in depth industry leaders interviews to hi lightighg specific products' uses on productions.”

    —Carey Duffy, The Tiffen Company
  • We can't emphasize enough how brilliant your magazine is. Keep up the great work!”

    —Brad Wilson, Keslow Camera
  • Congratulations on continuing to supply the industry with ever interesting and well put together articles on both the talent behind the screen images and the equipment they use.”

    —Adam Suschitzky, BSC
  • Very informative April 2015 issue. It's obvious how much effort it took to pull off that much great content.”

    —Mike Frediani, SOC
  • The most important publication in our industry.”

    —Volker Bahnemann, ARRI Board of Directors
  • We can't emphasize enough how brilliant your magazine is. Keep up the great work.”

    —Brad Wilson, Keslow Camera
  • Love your magazine. Definitely the best out there for what’s current and coming!

    —Eric Steelberg, Cinematographer
  • Fantastic issue. From stunning front cover to in-depth industry leaders interviews to highlighting product uses on Productions. Insightful articles benefit both camera department and manufacturer readership. Just brilliant.”

    —Cary Duffy, Technical Director, Tiffen International
  • I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine. I think you are doing an excellent job keeping us informed in the best possible way of what's going on. No one comes even close to the level you have reached.”

    —Kees Van Oostrum, ASC
  • Cudos for FDTimes 58-59.  The cover photo is wonderful. All the info about all the various lenses being manufactured was extensive and informative.”

    —Bill Bennett, ASC
  • Should be required reading for everyone in the industry and every student.”

    —John Dowdell, III, Dir. of Imaging Technology, Goldcrest Post
  • I was fascinated by your lecture on lighting. All too often we think of the gear, which is fun, but the essence of the art and lighting complementing or creating the look in cinematography is often overlooked. It's often amps and lumens, not light and depth. I found your lecture to be extremely stimulating and enjoyable.”

    —Dave Talamas, Talamas Boston
  • Thanks for your publication: I find the technology articles useful, and behind closed doors tours and interviews fascinating.”

    —Matt Choules, 1st AC / Focus Puller London, UK
  • FDTimes has been a great help to me and to the film community at large. Thank you and keep up the great work! Your wonderful bit on Henri Cartier-Bresson, "The Decisive Moment" (Feb. 2013) with its free use of historical context is one of the reasons I find your publication so captivating to read. To know where we're going, it's helpful to know where we've been.”

  • Always a fantastic read. I can always rely on your detailed critique of new products. I have a small camera company at Pinewood studios called "Camera Facilities" and I've been reading your books and papers for the last twenty years--from loading my first 16mm camera.”

  • You usually break news on products first. I can trust it's accurate because I see pictures of you at the building they were made, shaking hands with the guy that made them. Very refreshing in this day of re-tweets and re-posts. ”

    —Shaun Dixon, Producer
  • The best introduction to a new camera I ever saw.”

  • Like taking the cork out of a bottle of champage.”

  • FD Times is highly regarded in the trade: a most reliable, contextual source of information.”

    —Juan Martinez, Sony Sr Product Mngr
  • FDTimes is for me like REUTERS is for financial guys.”

  • Everyone agrees: FDTimes is the world's best technical magazine for motion pictures.”

    —Christian Skrein, Leica CW Sonderoptic Supervisory Board
  • FDTimes cuts to the chase and continues to impress. Keeps us up to date in a straightforward manner.”

    —Paul Ryan, ASC
  • Film and Digital Times keeps getting better and better.”

    —Tibor Sands, Legendary Camera Assistant
  • Just reviewed the newest issue of Film and Digital Times. One word: fabulous!”

    —Sakae Manning
  • As a camera builder, your articles and books have been a constant and valuable source of information on what's out there and how well it works in real life.”

  • It's what I read to get real information about equipment, the industry and the people in it.”

    —Bill Turner
  • Another great issue as always.”

    —Chuck Westfall, Technical Advisor, Canon USA
  • One of the few printed pubs still worth picking up.”

    —Chris Hurd, DV Info Net
  • Our cinematography-loving postal worker knows which is the best film magazine today: he keeps FDTimes for himself and delivers the rest.”

    —Anonymous in Brazil
  • A great resource in these fast-moving digital times and genuinely well written. I love your magazine - for the essential tech updates of course, but equally for its design sense, intellectual curiosity and firm connection to art history.”

    —Will Pugh, London, England
  • I love your Film and Digital Times and the Blog and Articles. Many thanks.”

    —Hans Hansson, FSF
  • Exemplary! Each issue goes into my reference library.”

    —Alan Albert, Clairmont Hollywood
  • Your December Issue is…GREAT!”

    —Jacques Lipkau-Goyard, Producer
  • Congratulations! The most interesting DP press I've read, as it mixes the technical and artistic aspects in a critical way.”

    —Nicolas Contant, Paris, France
  • Your site rocks! It is the go- to resource for all things new in the cine market.”

    —Bryan Kupko, Manager, Wilmington Camera Services (formerly JDC)
  • Breezy yet coherent, with just enough acid to keep the astute reader engaged and wanting more.”

    —Howard Preston
  • The best magazine for technical film and digital information.”

    —Gerhard Fromm
  • I remember reading your 16SR book many years ago, and feeling ‘here is a voice I can finally understand.’ I have that feeling again. Accessible, enjoyable, Film and Digital Times  strips away the intimidation factor. You understand complex concepts and connect all that to the real world of the shooter. That's so rare.”

    —Dana Kupper
  • Fantastic...a snapshot of the professional landscape.”

  • The magazine is spectacular. Nice job!”

    —Chuck Clifton, Cinematographer
  • Another brilliant issue. There is more useful, interesting, well-written info in one FDTimes than in a year's worth of anything else.”

    —Brian Heller, Cinematographer
  • FDTimes is so great, timely, thorough, important, well-done and's really appreciated.”

    —David Darby, ASC
  • It's not 'like' a reference, it is THE REFERENCE.”

    —David Starke, Sr VP 20th Century Fox
  • FDTimes is the premiere technical journal for the industry.”

    —Les Zellan, Chairman, Cooke Optics and ZGC
  • Your publication continues to be impressive.”

    —Ross Lowell, Cinematographer, Inventor, Author, Founder Lowel Light
  • Fantastic and very informative. Each issue gets better. You have outdone yourself and every other publication that has ever ever been done with this issue”

  • I don't know how I managed before without all the info of FDTimes

    —Philippe Ros, AFC, Member Imago Tech Committee
  • The only thing to read for professional information”

    —Alexander Bscheidl, Vantage Film
  • Just read your latest issue and I found it so facinating and well written. It was some of the best cinematography writing in recent history. Thank you.”

    —Peter Lyons Collister, ASC
  • Required reading for everyone in our company, shop, and rental departments”