SIGMA 28, 40 & 105mm T1.5 FF

The family of SIGMA Cine FF High Speed Primes continues to grow.

SIGMA Corporation adds three new SIGMA CINE lenses to their FF High Speed Prime Line: 28, 40 and 105 mm—all T1.5. This brings the Sigma Full Frame Cine lens total to 10 high speed primes, from 14mm to 135mm and a fast 24-35mm T2.2 zoom. read more…

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The Sigma Cine Lens series will soon include the option of having LPL mounts. This is the new lens mount released by ARRI in February 2018 with the Alexa LF. The LPL mount has a flange focal depth of 44mm and a 62 mm Ø diameter. The planned release date for SIGMA CINE LENSES in LPL mount is 2019 or… read more…

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Panavision DXL2, DXL-M, New Lenses, LCND

At Cine Gear in June, Panavision previewed the latest firmware for the new Millennium DXL2 8K camera, four new Large Format lens sets, Modular DXL-style accessories for RED DSMC2 cameras, and an innovative LCND filter. read more…

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Crithary and Barber and crew at ARRI Rental

Peter Crithary has been appointed President of ARRI Rental US, Camera Division. For the previous 13 years, Peter had a number of roles at Sony Electronics in market development and as the go-to guy for anything about digital cinema cameras. Before Sony, he was a cameraman in Australia and then moved to the USA where he worked in motion pictures,… read more…

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Anamorfaux CP.2 from NAC

  NAC Image Technoloy Rentals wondered what to do with their large inventory of CP.2 primes now that they have many ZEISS CP.3 and Supreme lenses. So, they modified ZEISS CP.2 primes with an oval shaped mask in front of the iris. Identified with the gold band above the lens mount. This creates faux anamorphic oval bokehs. Works best wide… read more…

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Canon’s Full Frame vs S35 Demo

Jingle bells! With thanks to Masaki Akamatsu and the crew at Canon’s InterBEE exhibit, here are framegrabs of their live demo comparing Full Frame and Super35. Two cameras were set up at the same distance from a reindeer doll. The Canon C700 FF (Full Frame) had a 50mm lens at T1.5. The Canon C700 (Super35) had a 35mm lens at T1.5…. read more…

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Film and Digital Times Japan Annual Meeting

InterBEE – Mukahari, Chiba, Japan. Nov. 13. Leading luminaries Japan’s cine business, shoguns and guests attended the 5th annual meeting of FDTJ- Film and Digital Times Japan.

The agenda was to thank everyone for all their great work on FDTJ; discussions of common topics and trends; sushi, sashimi, sake, tempura and ramen–not necessarily in that order. read more…

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ARRI has released SUP 4.0 — a suite of  helpful new updates for ALEXA LF cameras.

Download the Release Notes here ( 310 KB PDF.)

Download the ALEXA LF SUP4.0 User Manual here (8.17 MB PDF.)

Our favorites:

New Anamorphic Desqueeze ratios: 1.8x for Cooke Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus lenses
and 1.65x for Panavision Ultra Vista Full Frame Anamorphic lenses. And support for the new ARRI Operator Control Unit OCU-1, Master Grips, cforce mini motors and more. read more…

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Ninja Appleboxes and good Grip Equipment

Locations in Japan are often in very small apartments and houses. This makes small dollies, track and support equipment very important. Shinji Hirakawa and his fellow grip-partners at Hirakawa Inc (Metal Toys)  supply Meister Track, Professor Track and handmade Appleboxes with 7 functions: 1. Hi-Hakka: built-in high hat with 150 and 75mm tripod bowls. 2. Pull-out coffee cup holder.  3. Seat cushion. 4. Kleenex dispenser. 5. Garbage bin built in. 6.Trash disposal hatch. 7. Storage compartment read more…

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FDTimes Nov 2018 Now Online

Film and Digital Times November 2018 PDF Issue #91 is now online.

See homepage — top left.

Print editions are shipping from  Los Angeles now.

Film and Digital Times Japan November 2018 print edition will be at InterBEE in Tokyo beginning November 14. The online PDF edition will be available within the next couple of days.

Visit FDTimes Japan at InterBEE in Makuhari HALL 4, booth no. 4101.

  read more…

Creative Solutions Acquires Amimon

Teradek has acquired Amimon. The official wording is that Amimon Inc has been acquired by The Vitec Group plc. Amimon will be integrated into Vitec’s Creative Solutions division.
Creative Solutions has its headquarters in Southern California and their brands include Teradek, SmallHD, Wooden Camera, Paralinx, Rycote—and now Amimon.  Creative Solutions products are used on motion picture, commercial, documentary, television, sports, news, streaming and event productions worldwide. If you work with a wireless video system, chances are that an Amimon chipset is inside. read more…

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ARRI DRW-1 Digital Remote Wheels

ARRI rolled out new Digital Remote Wheels DRW-1 at IBC. They work with ARRI’s Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3. Up to now, you had to “drive” the Remote Head with a joystick (e.g. RCP) or other device. But, a number of Camera Operators missed the muscle memory, fine hand-eye control (especially in a bouncing chase car) and the accurate repeatability of wheels. read more…

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Sony VENICE Version 2 and 3 Updates

Sony VENICE Version 2.0 firmware update was announced on June 27, 2018. Version 3.0 details are shown at IBC in September. read more…


Scorpio FFA Full Frame 2x Anamorphic Primes

Jeff Berlin recently shot The Shoot, a short, in Full Frame with Sony VENICE and Scorpio Full Frame 2x Anamorphic lenses. The Shoot was shot 16-bit linear in X-OCN ST with Servicevision Scorpio Full Frame Anamorphic 2x lenses, covering the full 24mm height of the VENICE sensor. read more…

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ARRI OCU-1 Operator Control Unit

ARRI’s OCU-1 is a focus override knob. The Operator Control Unit is a single channel unit that lets the camera operator temporarily retake control of any wireless lens control function from the camera assistant, and then return control. One OCU-1 can take over focus, iris or zoom control. read more…

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CineTape2 and Wireless AIR Mobile2

Cinematography Electronics introduces a new model: the CineTape2. With all of the familiar features and controls of the original CineTape, it adds more than 50 new features and innovations. CineTape2 now has long range 2-way radios, Bluetooth, faster processing—all bundled into a smaller, lighter enclosure. read more…

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IB/E Optics

IB/E Optics’ LPLx2 VV Optical Extender doubles the focal length of Large Format LPL mount lenses. High-index, low-dispersion glass ensures high resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation. read more…

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DJI Mavic 2 and Aerial Dolly-Zooms

There’s a good example of a dolly-zoom in Joseph Losey’s 1967 film Accident. Accident is Losey’s steamy love quadrangle of Oxford students and professors, punctuated by the inevitable pregnant pauses of Pinter’s screenplay, filmed in saturated wood-panelled interiors and humid green exteriors by Gerry Fisher, BSC. It was one of Fisher’s first jobs as DP. Now, you can do a dolly-zoom simply, seamlessly, nimbly and in the air with DJI’s new Mavic 2 Zoom. It’s one of two new DJI camera drones that landed this August. read more…

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Wooden Camera LPL for RED DSMC2 & Sharkfin Battery Bracket for Alexa LF

Wooden Camera introduced a DSMC2 LPL mount at IBC. So, if you’d like to shoot with Large Format Signature Primes on a RED MONSTRO 8K VV Camera, simply attach this mount with its 4 captive screws. 44 mm FFD, 62 mm Ø. read more…

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Musitelli Montevideo M 0.8 + MONSTRO

Musitelli Film & Digital, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, has been supplying productions with Leitz M 0.8 lenses lately. The Leitz M 0.8 primes worked on multiple RED MONSTRO cameras at the Teatro Colón opera house in Buenos Aires, famous for acoustics that rank among the best in the world. read more…