SIGMA fp & fp L Camera Updates include EL Zone


EL Zone

SIGMA fp L and fp are the first mirrorless cameras to incorporate EL Zone. With new firmware updates, your SIGMA fp L (61 MP) or SIGMA fp (24.6 MP) camera is now a spotmeter and exposure tool, in addition to being a versatile DP/Director’s Finder, smallest Full Frame cine camera and mirrorless still camera.

To activate EL Zone for the SIGMA fp L and fp, select:
MENU > SHOOT (Page 5) > False Color > Style > EL ZONE.

The menu framegrab (above) shows how easy it is to see exposure values in actual, logical T-stops with EL Zone, compared to traditional “False Color” IRE values (below).

Of course, EL Zone lets you put the exposure where you want it. Gordon Willis, ASC, would not have exposed Marlon Brando’s Godfather under-exposed face at default Kodak 18% gray.

Takuma Wakamatsu, SIGMA Product Manager, said, “EL ZONE is based on an evaluation of the actual recorded signal. It  displays the exposure status of any part of the frame in a color-coded manner, allowing you to evaluate highlights, shadows, see  where details may be lost and where to set your lens aperture.”

EL Zone developer Ed Lachman, ASC said, “I found false color and waveform monitors much too general. They are based on IRE values that originally measured analog composite video signals as percentages of voltage, aren’t consistent with T-stop values on lenses or light meters, and are not the same from one manufacturer to another. I’m happy that SIGMA fp L and fp are the first mirrorless cameras to incorporate EL Zone.”

EL Zone works with CINE RAW (CinemaDNG) or H.264 MOV or  STILLS (DNG) or JPEG. The values and accuracy are consistent:

Firmware Updates for SIGMA fp L and fp

SIGMA fp L camera firmware update Version 3.00 and SIGMA fp camera firmware update Version 5.00 provide major additions:

As discussed on the previous page, EL ZONE has been added to the False Color menu and function. It displays the exposure status of any part of the frame in a color-coded manner, covering up to 6 stops of under-exposure, 18% gray, and up to 6 stops of over-exposure. It is like a spotmeter in your viewfinder or monitor, calibrated in accurate T-stops.

WARM GOLD is a new color mode. It creates a mellow atmosphere with subdued tones and warm colors.

FOCUS FRAME ONLY has been added to the information display menu in the (Display) mode setting. MENU > SYSTEM (Page 2) > |☐| (Display) Mode Settings. This is only available in STILL mode or when CINE mode is set to STILL-like.

To set CINE mode to STILL-like: MENU > SYSTEM (Page 2) > STILL / CINE Link Settings > Shooting Style > STILL-like. Among other things, Still-like shows shutter speed as a fraction, even if you are in CINE mode; CINE style displays shutter angle, timecode, etc. I would suggest staying in CINE style.

The camera can now be switched off even during long exposures.

The camera is now compatible with a 4TB external SSD.

Open Gate Anamorphic De-squeeze Viewing (1.25x, 1.3x, 1.5x,  1.65x, 1.8x, 2x) for ARRI ALEXA LF / ALEXA Mini LF is now available in Director’s Finder mode. MENU > SHOOT (Page 5) > Director’s Viewfinder (CINE) > Brand: ARRI > Model: ALEXA LF / ALEXA Mini LF >  Settings: Open Gate > select de-squeeze factor.)

Director’s Finder Mode Anamorphic Desqueeze Viewing. Image courtesy of SIGMA.

Atomos Cloud will be supported upon updating firmware of Atomos devices and announcement from Atomos about compatible devices and the release date of the firmware.

Updates available beginning Feb. 8, 20023

To update the SIGMA fp L and fp camera firmware, go to:

SIGMA fp L Ver. 3.00 

SIGMA fp Ver. 5.00


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