Panasonic LUMIX S1R and S1

Panasonic showed two prototype models of their next Leica Format (Full Frame) Digital L-mount Mirrorless cameras: LUMIX S1R and the S1. I mention “Leica Format” mischievously because this is part of the L-Mount Alliance. The Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma L-mount triumvirate was announced at Photokina. Itss members agreed on using Leica’s L-mount, which has a 20mm Flange Focal Depth and 51mm I.D., and uses a 36 x 24mm image sensor. By the way, Leica and Panasonic have already had a long strategic arrangement. And the L-mount is already in use on Leica’s SL camera and its APS-C Leica T, TL2 and CL.

Panasonic said, “More people are enjoying a hybrid of photos and videos. This new field prompted the need for a new type of camera that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional photos and videos.” LUMIX S1R and the S1 models will record 4K 60p video as well as stills. The cameras have Dual I.S. image stabilization. This works in combination with the lens and the sensor. Panasonic has done this before in their MFT cameras.

The Panasonic LUMIX S1R and the S1 are expected to ship in early 2019.

Panasonic will also expand its line of LUMIX S series L-mount Full Frame lenses, developing more than ten by 2020. This includes a 50 mm f/1.4 prime, 24-105 mm zoom, and 70-200 mm telephoto zoom lens. As part of the L-mount Alliance, the Panasonic S series cameras will also accept Leica and Sigma L-mount lenses.


Gallery of Prototype Panasonic S1 R tethered to the desk at Photokina. Thanks to Dan Unger. 



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