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2008 Year in Review

  From Introduction to Issue 19+20 November+December 2008 Film and Digital Times Divination was not Harry Potter’s strong point. Lately, it has eluded most economists, politicians and pundits as well. To guess where motion pictures are moving, take a look at three digital still cameras introduced within the past few weeks. In 2008, we saw an avalanche of activity in… read more…


Cinematographer Style Book

  CINEMATOGRAPHER STYLE volume I. Paperback just published by ASC Press CINEMATOGRAPHER STYLE Volume 1 by Jon Fauer, ASC, features 55 complete, uncut, original transcripts of the interviews conducted 2003-2005 during the making of the award-winning documentary. Packed with advice, anecdotes, lessons and years of practical experience. (Volume 2 is in the works).  For a Limited Time, get the Book and… read more…


Cinematographer Style on iTunes

Cinematographer Style, the feature documentary on the art of transforming ideas into images, can now be downloaded on demand from iTunes. The film weaves interviews with 110 of the world’s top cinematographers into a dialog on how and why films look the way they do.