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The World’s Best Bar, Secrets, Glass, DPs

Colin Peter Field is the world’s best barman. Forbes, Travel + Leisure, and FDTimes agree. He presides over the Bar Hemingway  in Paris with an uncanny intuition as to what the customer might enjoy. He proposes the Clean Dirty Martini. You agree. Mr. Field retreats to a secret room behind the bar. He emerges with a glass chilled to -18… read more…

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LENSER Lens Database App

Istvan Djuroska is a Camera Assistant with a great Lens Database App called LENSER. Picture this. You're prepping an equipment package, and one of the setups involves a drone shot. The lens cannot weigh more than 2 kg. What are your choices? Or you're looking for the closest focus prime, or just want to check on the aperture of an intended set of lenses. For iPhone and iPad, Lenser catalogs 1000+ lenses and accessories. read more…

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BSC Expo 2017

The annual BSC Expo was held in London on Feb 3-4. Inside the Evolution event space in Battersea Park, a short walk across Chelsea Bridge, a formidable array of companies exhibited products and services. There were quite a few introductions of new equipment. BSC Expo has become one of the top venues in world of cinema exhibitions, and nicely represents the formidable UK production community. read more…

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LEICA Portugal Factory Tour (PDF)

This is the story of a city, a river, a region, wine, craftsmanship, transportation, lenses and cameras. They are all connected. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, a 3-hour drive north of Lisbon. Seventy miles upstream by boat or car, vineyards cling to the terraced hills of the Douro Valley. For centuries, boats called barcos rabelos carried the wine… read more…

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AFC 2017 Micro Salon Paris

The AFC (Association of French Cinematographers) 2017 Micro Salon took place once again in the former Pathé Film Studios in Monmartre, Paris. Five floors — attended by almost everyone who’s anyone in the French film industry, and some interesting new equipment, shown below. Here’s a slideshow review. Click on any image to begin viewing.


FUJINON MK 18-55 & 50-135 T2.9 Zooms

  It often begins this way. There’s a handshake or signature of non disclosure. Secrecy is sworn. A whisper room or secluded space awaits. At BSC Expo two weeks ago, the setting felt like a spy story, private truffle transaction, or rare art viewing. In a hitherto undisclosed secure location (the equipment closet of their exhibition booth), FUJIFILM executives took… read more…

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DMG Lumière MAXI Switch 4′ x 2.5′ LED

DMG Lumière’s new MAXI Switch could be described as follows: “Picture two slightly larger SL1 Switch fixtures hinged lengthwise. The two sections fold against each other for shipping. Open the two sides up in all kinds of configurations—wedge, flat, book-like.” Actually, the easiest thing is to just look at the pictures here. DMG Lumière presented their new MAXI Switch at AFC… read more…

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