Lighting with Pigeons

NYTimes Photo by Byron Smith

NYTimes Photo by Byron Smith

Fellini may or may not have said that Filmmaking is like painting with multi-colored gerbils — when they appear to be all in place, one moves, and you have to start all over again.

And then there was the commercial director who had the crew gather fireflies in jars for natural available light on location.

Now, LED Lighting goes airborne, attached to the legs of pigeons. Forget about drones or lighting balloons. Artist Duke Riley trained 2,000 pigeons to fly above the Brooklyn Navy Yard with little LED lights attached to their ankles.

These miniature gaffers will perform every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights through June 12 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Navy Street and Sands Street — at sunset (between 7 – 7:30 p.m and only in good weather.) Admission is free; reservations are required via


Read article “Fly by Night” in the New York Times.


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  1. Danys Bruyere says:

    I expect that the pigeons are DMx controlled, Fully dimmable andcolor correct?

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