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Oli at NAB 2012

Oli Laperal’s impressions of NAB 2012: 4K+, 6K, 8K, solid state, Thunderbolt, H.265, glasses-free 3D… read more…


Codex Onboard S, 4K M Recorder, Vault

From Codex: new compact Codex Onboard S Recorder, 4K RAW Recording for Canon C500 with Onboard M Recorder, “4K 4 Cities” Film, Codex Vault read more…

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Scorpiolens Anamorphic Prime Lenses

Andres Valles surprised me on NAB opening day with a preview of a set of 13 Scorpiolens anamorphic primes to be introduced at IBC in September. He also introduced me to the lens designer, physicist and optical engineer Cristina Alcaide. read more…

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After NAB, the deluge. Our reviews and roundups begin.  read more…


New Leica Headquarters

Leica Camera AG broke ground on April 25, 2012 for new headquarters at Leitz Park in Wetzlar. read more…


Joe Dunton Eyes GoPro

NAB2012 saw Joe and Lester Dunton at the AbelCine booth with an interchangeable set of lenses for GoPro. read more…

Alexa Art at ARC

Artist Samantha Pierre-Louis has completed her painting of an ARRI Alexa with ARRI/FUJINON zoom. It now hangs at Adorama Rental Company… read more…

Photokina 2012

9/18/12 – 9/23/12
Photokina - Cologne

Photokina 2012 in Cologne. Sept 18-23.


IBC 2012

9/6/12 – 9/11/12
IBC Conference & Exhibition: in Amsterdam

IBC in Amsterdam. September 6-11 (Exhibits Sept 7-11) Register online Conference Program Interesting Keynotes Roger Mosey, BBC’s Director of London 2012, on broadcasting the biggest Olympics sports event of all time — Saturday 8 September. Miles Young, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide on one of the world’s largest advertising agencies — Thursday 6 September.    


Anamorphic: Cameron | Pace and Hawk

Heading back to New York from NAB, normally hectic Las Vegas airport feels like a calm oasis compared to the LVCC. Decompression is like a speed-ramp from 96 fps back to normal walking speed. Here’s the first of a string of forthcoming debriefs and comments. Among other things, NAB 2012 was the year of anamorphic. We saw a prototype ZEISS… read more…

FDTimes 47-48 Online for Subscribers

Film and Digital Times NAB Issue 47-48 is now ready for subscribers to download. There are two 96-page PDFs: 17 MB Low Rez and 30 MB High Rez.  


FDTimes at NAB

We’re setting up at NAB. During the Show, April 16-19, pick up your free copy of Film and Digital Times from the free-standing publication stand at the entrance to Central Hall, in the publication bins of South Upper Hall, or in our Booth C10549. Print editions will be mailed to subscribers during the week April 16. Online PDF downloads will… read more…


35mm 4-perf Film Anamorphic 1.3x 16:9

Sebastien Gonon reports from Paris about shooting a major campaign of shampoo commercials on 35mm film (Kodak Vision3) with ARRI 435 cameras using anamorphic lenses (Hawk V-Lite 1.3x squeeze). Vantage Paris supplied the camera and lens package.  The concept was atmosphere and mood: girl walking, meeting a guy, a hug, beauty, Paris. To help define the look, agency, client and… read more…

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New Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 Zoom

The lensmeisters have been busy at Fujinon. They’ve gone from 14.5 to 400 mm in a very short time—producing the Fujinon Premier line of four ultra-fast, ultra-sharp PL-mount zooms  as well as the Alura PL partnership with ARRI. New at NAB will be Fujinon’s new 19-90 mm T2.9 lightweight PL-mount zoom lens. I believe it is has the longest range… read more…

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ARC Adorama Rental Co Launch

Up to now, I wanted to come back as a still photographer if I were reincarnated. I was always jealous how much lighter and smaller the equipment was. Equipment and cases seemed pristine and clean. Studios were often unblemished by our heavy cables and heavy lights–they had sculptural Brieses, unscuffed white floors, and often great windowed lofty views. But that… read more…


Palimpsests in 1212 and 2012

Our massive 96-page Film and Digital Times NAB 2012 Edition goes online, in the mail, and on the floor of NAB at the opening bell, 9 am on Monday April 16. For the 110,000 of you who may attend NAB in Las Vegas, free copies of this FDTimes issue will be found in our booth, C10549 in the Central Hall of… read more…

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NAB 2012

April 16-19 in Las Vegas.

Sony 35mm NEX-FS700

Sony digital motion picture cameras come from two design teams. The F65 camera system is designed at Sony’s Atsugi Tech Center, in the countryside not far from the famous Kamakura Buddha. A one hour train ride northeast to downtown Tokyo takes us to Sony’s Shinagawa design group—who have been equally busy on a new 35mm digital motion picture camera. This… read more…

Cooke Evening

More than 65 guests attended the annual Cooke Evening on April 13, 2011 to mingle and discuss the state of motion picture industry. Here is a selection of comments from John Bowring ACS, Danys Bruyere, TSF ; Juan Pablo Fabres, JPF Cine; Barry Measure, Take 2 Films; Tarun Kumar, Anand Cine Service; Ernesto Musitelli, Musitelli Film And Digital; Thomas Järn, Dagsljus; Noah Weinzweig, Redgate Rentals; Denny Clairmont, Clairmont Camera; Robert Howard, CCEO Cooke Optics; Jon Fauer; Les Zellan, Chairman Of Cooke Optics; Geoffrey Chappell, Sales For Cooke Optics.
 read more…