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Guido Cartoni contemplating the Focus Head

Guido Cartoni, above, is examining a Focus fluid head from the assembly line. An interesting feature of the Focus head is that it supports cameras from 0 to 10 Kg (0 to 22 lbs). Most heads begin with a minimum required load–this head starts at zero. It tilts straight up and straight down, and works with all kinds of cameras… read more…


Leica Cine Lenses

Why am I wandering in Wetzlar, sneaking around Solms? I’ve been invited to spend a couple of days visiting Leica to learn more about the company, and especially the imminent, new Cine Lenses distributed by Band Pro. (above: the team working on the Cine Lenses. Anyone waiting for the first batch: rest assured, we did not stop the production line…. read more…

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First Leica

INT. BANK VAULT – DAY Small town somewhere in Germany. Secure location undisclosed. Two matching keys open a safe deposit box. The drawer is placed on a clean, white table. A black velour cover reveals a small wooden case. We put on white gloves. Dr. Rudi Spiller, CEO of Leica Camera (below), carefully removes the first Leica ever made: the… read more…


TV Online

Any movie, anywhere, anytime is still an elusive goal. Slow (or no) connections frustrate. See this excellent New York Times article on TV Online by Paul Boutin.

Philippe Ros: new active member AFC

Congratulations to Philippe Ros: recently admitted as active member of the AFC (Association of French Cinematographers). Philippe was the brains behind our “Oceans” issue, and of course, spent five years working on the film itself.

Cars at Magic Hour

You’ll recognize the Audis here from the previous post, where they were under the hot lights of a stage display. Here, they are mirroring the reflected sky and surroundings of magic hour–a far more desirable environment. While magic hour in tropical latitudes lasts a few minutes and quickly become happy hour early in the evening, magic hour in northern Europe… read more…