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Clairmo – Clairmont Canon 1D PL

The race is on. Canon PL. Eyemo of the digital age. This just in from Alan Albert, Executive VP of Clairmont Camera, Hollywood: “Right now we have this one camera only, but plan on making more for our rental departments in the U.S. and Canada. The camera functions in both the Video and Still modes albeit without the optical reflex… read more…

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ARRI Alexa first working prototype

The first working prototype of ARRI’s Alexa was shown “out of competition” at the AFC Micro Salon last week in Paris. Introduced by ARRI General Manager Stephan Schenk and Cinematographer Frank van Vught, this is the first of the three Alexa siblings–the A-EV (Electronic Viewfinder). Last seen (by me) at IBC as mockups and breadboards, this was the real deal…. read more…

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Aaton Penelope-D (Digital)

The eagerly awaited Aaton Penelope-D Digital Magazine will have her world premiere at this year’s NAB. She snaps onto the Aaton 35mm Penelope, which will become the first hybrid 35mm camera–numérique et argentique (digital and silver). At last week’s AFC Micro Salon, Jean-Pierre Beauviala told me that Penelope-D’s 95% Pixel-Fill Ratio CCD chip is 3-Perf size (perhaps a new sensor… read more…

Kodak App

Kodak’s new Film Calculator and Glossary is now available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. It helps you calculate the running time for any length of film in any format. It also tells you how much film you’ll need for a specific amount of time. To use the Film Calculator, enter the information you know: format, length,… read more…

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Canon Rebel T2i

When I told my Columbia University graduate students about the new Canon Rebel T2i HDSLR camera today, the class almost evacuated in a rush to try to buy one. It will cost less than a round trip ticket to Sundance, and is expected to deliver in early March for an estimated retail price of $799.99 for body only, and $899.99… read more…


New PL/EF ZEISS Compact Primes II

And now for something completely different. While the world has busily been drilling and dremeling to install PL mounts on Canon EOS bodies, ZEISS just revealed a new iteration of Compact Primes, to be introduced at NAB 2010. The picture above is a prototype (no focus or aperture scale). You can see the Canon EF mount, and the cine-style barrel… read more…

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Hot Rod Mods Canon EOS PL

Adapter or Surgery There are two ways to put a PL mount on a Canon EOS camera. The painless way is a PL-to-Canon mount adapter, leaving the mirror and electronics of the camera intact. This works with a select set of lenses, notably Angénieux Optimo zooms whose rear elements do not protrude beyond the rear of the adapter. The more… read more…

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AFC Micro Salon 2010

Highlights of AFC Micro Salon 2010. Full report coming soon. Click here for full-screen slideshow.

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Hot Rod Canon for all PL Lenses

The Ron Dexter Award for Canon PL is still in play, and it looks like Illya Friedman and Hot Rod Cameras have pulled into first place. Here’s a sneak preview of his mirror-free (mirror-removed) Canon EOS 7D, with a Hot Rod PL mount modified for the camera.  It features a 2-part stainless steel and aircraft aluminum shimmable mount/flange.  It’s also… read more…


AFC World Premiere: ARRI Alexa

The first working prototype of ARRI’s new Alexa 35mm digital camera was shown at an AFC Micro Salon presentation on Saturday, February 13th at 10 am. New test footage shot in Rome and inside St. Peter’s Basilica was screened.

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AFC Micro Salon

The AFC (Association of French Cinematographers) Micro Salon began Friday February 12. We arrived from cold, snowy New York to cold, snowy Paris–where it has been one of the coldest winters ever. Local remedy: a vitamin C mix of 4 freshly squeezed oranges, 2 lemons and a grapefruit. The bright night light, above, rotates atop the Eiffel Tower, 4 miles away… read more…


Trade Show Mania – January 2010

Trade Show Mania – January 2010. By Oli Laperal, Jr. What an educational month January 2010 turned out to be. 6 major trade shows and conferences: 1. Storage Visions. 2. CES. 3. IEEE/ICCE. 4. Red Camera Showcase. 5. 3D Displays & Applications. 6.  SPIE Photonics. Read full report in articles section on FDTimes website.


Cine Gear 2009 to New Year 2010

Our long-awaited 68-page Cine Gear 2009 to New Year 2010 Special Report is now online. It is available online only; it is not on paper. For best viewing and printing, download the PDF file to your desktop. A high-resolution copy is available for subscribers only. NAB is where executives hopefully spend the big bucks. Cine Gear is where users talk… read more…


Element Technica (PDF)

Reprint from Feb 2010 Special Report (6 pages). If I were a venture capitalist or investment banker, I’d be writing a report as wildly enthusiastic about Element Technica as…this Film and Digital Times article. Here’s a company of really talented people who really get it — founded and run by Hector Ortega and Stephen Pizzo. They make leading-edge 3D rigs and… read more…

New Chrosziel Swing-Away-System

Do you wish your mattebox would swing away from the lens, but doesn’t? Now it can. With Chrosziel’s patented, new Direct Swing-Away-System DSW, all matteboxes and sunshades for 15mm rods can now swing away to speed up lens changes and gate checks. The new DSW 500 Adaptor works on most matteboxes, not only on those from Chrosziel. The estimated price of 328 Euros… read more…