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EMMY for Sony Multi-Format Camera


On January 8, Hiroshi Kiriyama was awarded a Technology & Engineering EMMY. Mr. Kiriyama is General Manager of Sony’s Content Creation Professional Design Team, responsible for professional camera development, including the F55. read more…

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Sony F55 Doc Dock


Updates from InterBEE in Tokyo. Sony showed the latest improvements on their “Doc Dock” (also known as Build Up Kit) that turns the F55 into a comfortable, shoulder-resting Documentary/ENG style cameras system. Introduced a few months as a prototype, the… read more…

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Sony 28-135mm f/4 FF Zoom

DSC01735 FDTimes

Meet Masahiro Hosoi, Sony Designer of the 28-135mm f/4 Full Frame (24x36mm) Zoom Lens. It could be what you would call “disruptive technology.” How can a 35mm cine zoom have a suggested price of a mere $2,500 when it ships in December? Admittedly, it… read more…

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Sony F55 Doc Dock


The Doc Dock for Sony’s F55 Camera is officially named “CBK-55BK build-up kit.” It bolts to the base and turns the F55 into a single-operator, documentary/ENG-style, shoulder-resting camera. A working prototype of the Doc Dock (CBK-55BK) will spend an evening in Los Angeles at the… read more…

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Sony 28-135 Zoom


At Photokina, Sony’s new 28-135 mm f/4 E-mount zoom is another hint of where I think things are heading for motion picture cameras and lenses. It’s a full-frame still format (24x36mm) zoom. And it has optical image stabilization. I had not realized… read more…

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Sony F55 ENG & Doc Dock


  Sony introduced a totally new F5/F55 shoulder dock. From the people who brought you many shoulder-resting ENG camcorders—this kit provides familiar camcorder functions to the F5/F55. Basically, it’s a base and rear that attaches to the bottom of the… read more…

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Sony α7s 4K Camera


My favorite part of Sony’s annual NAB press conference is the new product  unveiling. This year, it was Mr. Shigeki Ishizuka, Sony Deputy President of Imaging Products (he’s in charge of still and motion picture cameras) who announced the new… read more…

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Sony α7R and α7 full-frame cameras


I think I accidentally stumbled onto a clue as to the direction we’re headed in motion picture cameras. It comes, once again, from the digital still world. Full-frame, format-agnostic sensors. Comfortable with B4, Super16, Super35, Anamorphic, Full frame and many… read more…

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Sony PXW-Z100 4K under $6.5K


Sony’s latest  4K camera, PXW-Z100 XDCAM camcorder, shoots HD, QFHD and 4K. With a list price of less than $6,500 (street price probably $5,500), jaws were dropping at a press briefing. “This new camcorder puts professional 4K capabilities in your… read more…


Sony F5 and F55


Demo shorts shot with Sony F55 cameras were screened on November 28 at Sony Pictures in LA and Camerimage in Poland. “Mahout” premiered in Los Angeles. It was directed by Sam Nicholson, produced by Stargate Studios, and shot in Sri… read more…

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Sony F5 and F55 LA Launch

Sony F5 and F55 LA Launch: Sony premieres the new F5 and F55 cameras: November 28, 6:30 - 9:30 pm at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

Sony premieres their new F5 and F55 cameras: November 28, 6:30 – 9:30 pm at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. Register for a 4K screening of the first demos shot with the F5 and F55 and a presentation of… read more…

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F5 and F55 Audio Module


Some additional information on audio for Sony’s new F5 and F55 cameras. Audio recording is Linear PCM, 2 channel, 24-bit, 48 khz. The module will have two standard 3-pin XLR female connectors, switchable from Analog to Digital: Analog: CH 1 and… read more…

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Sony F55 and F5


Today, Sony reveals their new F5 and F55 cameras. Expect to see prototypes shooting on locations near you. Working cameras ship in January 2013. Some have called the F55 a companion to the F65, and the F5 an upgrade beyond F3. Many will call them Sony’s first comfortably shoulder-resting, modular, compact 4K cameras. read more…

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GoPro Hero 3


GoPro announced the new Hero 3 for delivery around mid-November. It will do 4K at 15 fps. I expect 4K 24 or 30 fps isn’t far behind. See Filmtools or GoPro websites for details. No more complaining that there won’t… read more…

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Photokina 2012 Review and Slideshow


Photokina took place in Cologne from September 18-23. The theme, for me, was full-frame format: 24 x 36 mm, some in bodies lighter and smaller than their APS-C predecessors. Leica introduced the new M, with Leica-designed 24-megapixel CMOS sensor, live… read more…

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Otto Nemenz Sony F65 Upgrades


Otto Nemenz International (ONI) has been working on accessories and upgrades for their fleet of Sony F65 cameras. read more…

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Alec Shapiro to be Pres of Sony PSA

On July 1, Alec Shapiro will become president of Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions of America (PSA). He will oversee all PSA operations in the U.S., working closely with PSG management and with all groups across Sony Electronics. He will also sit… read more…


FDTimes in Cannes


Film and Digital Times does not have a leggy Egerie like Linda Carriel of Angénieux at Cannes. But we do, thankfully, have Peter Sykes, whose title may be longer than any supermodel’s legs: “Strategic Marketing Manager – Digital Cinematography Professional… read more…

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F65 Report in English, French, Spanish


Free PDF 40-page reprints of Sony F65 and FS700 Report from NAB 2012 Issue of FDTimes — in English, French, and Spanish. About 9 MB each.  read more…

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Sony F65 Training

Sony F65 digital motion picture camera workshops will be conducted on Stage 7 at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, California beginning in March. The sessions are intended for qualified directors, cinematographers and other film industry professionals and will demonstrate the entire production… read more…