Toshiba 4K laptop


  Toshiba’s new 3840 x 2160 UHD SatelliteP55t goes on sale next week in the US. 15.6-inch diagonal Ultra HD touchscreen display native 3840 x 2160 resolution – 282 PPI (pixels per inch) display. (In comparison, my MacBook Pro 15″ Retina display is…


Best Unexpected Product of NAB


Sometimes the most unexpected thing pops up at NAB, and success surprises even its own manufacturer. True Lens Services rolled out a newly re-housed Cooke Series 1 to go with their updated cam-focus PL mount rehoused Panchro series 2 and…

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Panavision Primo 70


Panavision officially announced their long-awaited Primo 70 series lenses — for 35mm digital motion picture cameras.  Presented in proof of concept Powerpoint in a SMPTE paper last year for a 70mm camera, these lenses are now offered for specially Panavised…


Sony F55 ENG & Doc Dock


  Sony introduced a totally new F5/F55 shoulder dock. From the people who brought you many shoulder-resting ENG camcorders—this kit provides familiar camcorder functions to the F5/F55. Basically, it’s a base and rear that attaches to the bottom of the…

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Sony α7s 4K Camera


My favorite part of Sony’s annual NAB press conference is the new product  unveiling. This year, it was Mr. Shigeki Ishizuka, Sony Deputy President of Imaging Products (he’s in charge of still and motion picture cameras) who announced the new…

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ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom 9.5-18 mm


  More details on ARRI’s UWZ 9.5-18 mm T2.9 Ultra Wide Zoom. But first some thoughts on where it might be used, and on what kind of scenes: underwater, aerials, POVs from trains, planes, automobiles. The 8R is a wonderful lens,…

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Angénieux Style & Servos

Angénieux Style Zoom Lenses Angénieux introduces a new line of lenses and the Angénieux Servo Unit (ASU) at NAB. The new Optimo Style series will consist of 3 zooms: 2 handheld, 1 full size. The 16-40 and 30-76 are lightweight…

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Canon 17-120 T2.9-3.9 w/ Servo Grip


This is Canon’s first 35mm zoom lens with servo handgrip for documentary, handheld or ENG. Canon’s 17-120 mm T2.9-3.9 zoom seems impossibly small for a lens that can deliver superb image quality with so much range. The servo focus/iris/zoom handgrip…

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Fujinon Cabrio 25-300 T3.5


Lens announcements are heating up today. Fujinon announcement for NAB: a new 25-300 mm joins the growing Cabrio series PL zoom lens family. Its range extends beyond the familiar 10:1 ratio — offering a 12:1 zoom in a comfortable size…

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ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphics


The new ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic 135 mm MA will be shown at NAB. The set made their debut at IBC Amsterdam in September 2012 with a 50 mm T1.9. The MA 35 mm T1.9 and 75 mm T1.9 were unveiled…


Pegasus2 R4 Thunderbolt JBOD


Use the 4 drives from your old Mac Pro with your new Mac Pro in a new Thunderbolt enclosure from Promise. The Promise Pegasus2 R4 “Diskless” System lets us remove the 4 drives from an old Mac Pro tower and…

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Codex Action Cam


  FDTimes begins a few online teasers and excerpts from our upcoming 96-page NAB edition. Codex gets into the camera business.  At NAB 2014, Codex Digital introduces Action CAM, a tiny camera with big potential. Why is this so interesting…


Cooke Anamorphic Lens Designers


I visited Cooke Optics in Leicester, England the other day for a tour of the factory and to find out more about the Cooke Anamorphic lenses coming up at NAB. The result is an in-depth study in the April issue…

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Lentequip USB Charger for iPhones


…And not just iPhones. How many times are we on set, desperately running low on power for iPhone, iPad, camera, GoPro, RED Remote—all those essential gadgets that charge with a USB cable? But we’re surrounded by camera batteries. If only…

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Aaton Cantar-X3


Aaton’s eagerly anticipated new Cantar-X3 audio recorder premiered in prototype at the AFC Micro Salon in Paris. This successor to the Cantar-X2 has a new GUI and display designed by Transvideo. It promises more inputs and tracks, has a water resistant…

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RED Dragons in Paris


RVZ Rentals in Paris had their new RED Carbon Fiber Dragons at the AFC Micro Salon the other day. One was dangling from a MoVi and fitted with Leica Summicron-C primes (they cover the >34mm 6K image circle).   Back…

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Panasonic 4K 35mm VariCam


Panasonic held a pre-NAB press conference today in New York. Although a nuts and bolts camera was not handed around, we were enticed with this image of a 35mm 4K VariCam that will be shown at NAB 2014. Steve Cooperman,…

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Cooke Anamorphic Tests


At Micro Salon in Paris last week, Cooke Optics presented test films shot by John de Borman, BSC and Patrick Blossier, AFC. The Paris test is online on Vimeo. The framegrabs above show some differences between a Cooke 75 mm anamorphic…

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Cooke Optics


Tour of Cooke Optics (Leicester, England) and a look at the team designing and building Cooke lenses and the new Cooke Anamorphic primes — coming in our NAB edition.

ARRI Amira $39.9K


As expected, ARRI announced the price of Amira cameras today. The camera with viewfinder base price is $39,999.00. A large and varied list of accessories and options allow the camera to be customized. The Amira, in case anyone missed the…

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