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InterBEE 2015 Tokyo Slideshow

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gold cmotion hand unit auction


Better than the famous Golden Snitch in Harry Potter, here’s a chance to get a custom cmotion golden cvolution hand unit and lens control system. It’s being auctioned by cmotion for a very worthy cause–100% of proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). read more…

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Vantage Vintage Kinoptik


Vantage Film has a rental office in Saint-Denis, Paris. Now they are re-introducing venerable sets of French glass from the 1950s: 35mm cine format Kinoptik cine lenses, rehoused and rebarreled. These are lenses with a distinct character, unique bokeh, and a kind of swirly, impressionist feel to out-of-focus backgrounds. Alexander Bscheidl said, “This is an optical renaissance of classic Kinoptiks, rehoused for the modern age.” read more…

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Cooke 35-140 Anamorphic Zoom


Cooke Optics has revealed details of their impending Front Anamorphic zoom. It will be 35-140 mm and may begin shipping around NAB 2016. Like the rest of the Cooke Anamorphic/i family, it will be a front anamorphic design, 2x squeeze ratio, with familiar oval bokehs. read more…

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Shooting Video with Leica SL


Leica’s new SL (Spiegellos – Mirrorless) Camera shoots superb  4K 4096×2160 24p Video. The camera exposes stills in either Leica Format (24x36mm) or APS-C. Video is recorded in 4K 24p or UHD 30p in APS-C format, as well as HD in Full Frame Leica… read more…

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ActionProducts Alexa Mini AKS


“Made in Switzerland” makes me think of finely crafted watches, reliable mechanical things, and of course, ActionProducts — the Swiss manufacturers of very well-made camera accessories. ActionProducts’ new accessories give ARRI Alexa Minis the potential to become…gasp…your A-Camera. Let’s start at the back… read more…

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Captain Cooke and 135mm Anamorphic


Ahoy there. EMIT in Paris has taken delivery of the new Cooke 135mm Anamorphic /i prime. The long-awaited Cooke 135 Anamorphic Prime was at IBC. Like the rest of the “S6” set, it’s a front anamorphic (oval bokehs). The current Cooke 2x… read more…

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Kino LED (Kino Flo Select LED)


Kino Flo Select LEDs were two of the most exciting new lighting fixtures at IBC. Frieder must have bitten his lip when he first showed them to me and I said, “Oh, wow–Kino LEDs.” Because they look like the very familiar classic Kino Flo fixtures, but have smooth, soft Celeb-like LED illumination instead of fluorescent tubes. There will be two models: Select 30 (40.5 inches long, 12 lb) and Select 20 (26.5 inches long, 10 lb). Both are a mere 3 inches deep and 13″ high. A nice thing is you can put them in the trunk of most cars, which you can’t always do with a 4′ 2-bank or 4-bank fluorescent (48″ wide +). read more…

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Cabriolet Lighting: Alpha 800 from K5600


K5600 Lighting introduced their newest Alpha 800 HMI fixture. It’s like a cabriolet of lighting–convertible from Fresnel to Sharp shadow to focusing PAR in one unit. Like other members of the K5600 Alpha family, it has a quartz reflector that allows it to be aimed straight down.. The Fresnel lens is removable and can be replaced with a clear glass cover for wider, sharper, even spread. Add a skirt, and it becomes a Spacelite. Add a Lightbank, and it’s a softlight. Change the bulb orientation, and it becomes a focusing PAR.

 read more…

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Ronford-Baker Atlas 0.4


Ronford-Baker lightweight Atlas 0.4 Fluid Head is an excellent choice for ARRI Alexa, Alexa Mini, Amira, RED, Sony F5/55, Canon C300, etc. At 7 kg, it’s lighter and smaller than the familiar 9 kg Atlas 40 Head. • Tilt range +- 60⁰ • Two… read more…

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ZEISS Milvus Full Frame Lenses


ZEISS introduced Milvus lenses at IBC, a new family of 6 Full Frame (24x36mm format) primes. They come in ZE (Canon) or ZF.2 (Nikon) mounts. Focus is manual. In other words, Milvus is a refresh of the ZEISS Classic line, with higher resolution and contrast…. read more…

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Teslas at IBC


Over the next days, we’ll post photos and comments from IBC. What was the most interesting, innovative product? Certainly the new Tesla 2015 Model S taxi that drove me from  airport to IBC, one of a fleet of 100. They… read more…

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A Minimalistic Sony Camera: FS5


There are a bunch of breakthrough technologies and good ideas in the new mini Sony PXW-FS5 4K camera. Read complete report in FDTimes September Edition, now online. 1. Variable ND: Internal, 7 stops, CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE! The ND control knob is continuously variable from clear to ND2.1 (7 stops). Or, with the flick of a switch, you can choose  one of four presets.

 read more…

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Jarred Land, Pres of RED


Here’s a preview of one of the featured interviews in the September IBC Edition of Film and Digital Times: with Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema. At NAB, RED fired a Full Frame warning shot across the bow of the industry. Their RED Weapon 8K FF camera, due later this year, prompted a flurry of articles in our big 120-page Double Issue 71-72 about lenses that fit, cameras to come, and stuff to see. read more…

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Canon 4 Million ISO Full-Frame Video


C-Impossible. Canon’s current catchphrase is “See Impossible.” Canon’s new ME20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera could be called “C-Impossible” — a companion to the C300/100/500 for low-light, no-light, and night cinematography. It fulfills Canon Managing Director Mr. Maeda’s vision of filming a black crow on a moonless night. With a sensitivity equivalent to more than 4 Million ISO –the C-Impossible shoots Full HD 1080p video with 3G HD-SDI and HDMI connectors for external recording.  It has a full frame 20×36 mm CMOS sensor with 2.26 million pixels. Each pixel is 19 microns. (Current Cine cameras have pixels ranging from 3 to 8 microns. Nikon D810 =4. 88 μm, Sony a7S=8.4 μm, and Canon EOS-1D X=6.94 μm.) read more…

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Preston Light Ranger 2 Updates

Sensor Unit.
A front black IR filter has been added to cover the LR2 receiver lens to avoid distracting the talent.

Preston Cinema is shipping the new Light Ranger 2 and they are now working on some major productions. One big surprise is how great the range is. Initial specs put the far distance at around 40-60 feet. Actual practice is astoundingly several hundred feet. And the close distance is several millimeters in front of the lens. Updates were shown at Cine Gear. read more…

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Leica M PL Mount


The Leica M PL Mount lets you attach PL mount cine lenses onto Leica M (Typ 240) and M Monochrom (Type 246) rangefinder cameras. Of course, you’ll want to use Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C primes, but the adapter will work with almost any other PL cine lens. read more…

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Alexa Mini ActionProducts AKS


ActionProducts in Switzerland has a new line of accessories for the ARRI Alexa Mini. Like their modular lineup for RED, ActionProducts equips Alexa Minis with everything you can dream of to configure the Mini for everything from an A-Camera package to hand-held, rig, stabilized or wireless operation. read more…

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Sony 4K SxS Memory Player PMW-PZ1


How to play back 4K? Especially without a computer. The Sony PMWPZ1 Player is shipping now. One just landed in our lab. Eject an SxS Card from your Sony F55 or FS7 and pop it into the PZ1 Player. Push the play button. Pristine 4K plays on your giant 4K TV or Reference Monitor via 3G/HD-SDI (x4) or HDMI. You can also play back from an external hard drive via USB3. Sony makes rugged, rubber-bumpered (PSZHA2T 2TB HDD) drives up to 2 TB. You can also clone your SxS card to these drives. As mentioned before–no computer necessary. read more…

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Even More Gear at Cine Gear


More products and people at Cine Gear Expo in LA on June 5-6. Photos by Jon Fauer. Click on any picture in the thumbnail grid for larger lightbox view.