Scorpiolens Anamorphic Video


ServiceVision presented a 7 minute 30 second video at NAB, “Walk in Barcelona.” Shot with their Scorpiolens 35, 75 and 100 mm 2x anamorphic lenses, with a hauntingly beautiful score by Jordi Solans and Narcis Coromines. Here it is on…

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Mark Forman’s NAB 2014


The following things attracted Mark Forman’s attention at NAB 2014.


Oli Laperal’s NAB Report


By Oli Laperal Jr. The omnipresence of 4K and 8K systems over HD at NAB reminded me of the HD-over-SD transition a dozen years ago.  As in the past, there are no shortage of nay-sayers.  But the quantum leap of…


Angenieux Style


Angenieux’s stylish annual NAB party for distributors, customers, and rental houses took place Tuesday night at Tryst. The usual notable suspects were twirling on the dance floor,   enjoying the ambiance and fine dining, and watching Yoginis floating by in…


RED Runway


RED once again wowed with creative, imaginative NAB booth presentation — a full-on fashion runway show with models…photographed of course RED 19 megapixel cameras with cool portrait-landscape mode tripod cradle.

New NAB stuff


Lots of new NAB gear that didn’t make it into FDTimes April Edition: AJA announces 4K 35mm camera(s). Blackmagic announces 4K 35mm camera(s). Blackmagic announces Cintel 4K film scanner. Panasonic announces 4K 35mm with Codex RAW back. ARRI Studio mattebox…


FDTimes NAB Booth C10006


  Setting up at NAB 2014. You’ll find us when the show opens on Monday under the Film and Digital Times Airstar balloon in Booth C10006 — next to Sony, across Band Pro and Pole Cam.

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Anamorphic Screenings at NAB


Servicevision will screen their Scorpiolens 2x Anamorphic short “Walk in Barcelona” at NAB on Wed. April 9 from 10am – 6pm in room S107, every 2 hours.
Their 35, 40, 50, 75, and 100 mm Scorpiolens 2x anamorphics will be on display in their booth, C10542.

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32 New Hawk Anamorphics


Things have been too quiet at Vantage. With all the recent news of new anamorphic lenses from A through Z (Angenieux, Cooke, Scorpio, ZEISS/ARRI) – the company in Weiden building Hawk anamorphics for the past 20 years has been uncharacteristically…

Look: Cooke NYC Test


New York Test of Cooke Anamorphics now on Vimeo. Credits: Presented by Handheld Films, Cooke Optics, Goldcrest Post Production Director/Cameraman Jon Fauer, ASC Line Producer Marc Paturet First Camera Assistant Timothée Arene Second Camera Assistant Shaun Malkovich Gaffer Jackson Lorentz…


Preview NAB Edition


Download a free 12-page PDF preview of Film and Digital Times’ NAB Edition. But lots more is coming. The complete 96-page epic is brimming with new and up-to-now NDA (non-disclosure) products — printing in a secret location, delivering to NAB in undisclosed…

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Clairmont gets Optimo Anamorphic


The first Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic 56-152 mm T4 zoom lens was just delivered to Clairmont Camera Hollywood. “We just checked it out and it looks great,” said a happy Denny Clairmont. “It’s ready to go out on any one of a…

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Micro Salon Italia 2014


  The 2nd annual Micro Salon Italia took place this year a few weeks after the original Paris Micro Salon. Staged at Rome’s Cinecittà Studios, which is now its usual venue, it attracted  Italian and leading international manufacturers, distributors and…

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Micro Salon Paris 2014 Slideshow


It’s like Cine Gear in French, with fine food, flowing champagne, new equipment, and some gear we don’t usually see elsewhere. The 14th annual AFC Micro Salon resumed at La Femis Film School on Friday and Saturday February 7-8, 2014. Article…


Half a Summilux-C at Westlicht

30192_2 Summilux-C

Not yet a Leica Summilux-C cine lens owner?  Now you can get a cherished Summilux-C 100 mm T1.4 lens at a drastically reduced price. Well…er…half a Summilux-C lens. Place your bid at Westlicht Photographica Auctions for this cutaway model. Looking for a…

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Vantage Expands


Vantage, the worldwide camera equipment rental house — as well as designer and manufacturer of Hawk Anamorphic Lenses — is growing rapidly. They are simultaneously expanding their Prague, Paris, and Berlin branches, as well as headquarters in Weiden.  Each expansion will add much…

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Canon C300 AF Upgrade


First Canon introduced CMOS dual pixel phase-detection autofocus on its EOS 70D Digital SLR camera. Then it was announced as an upgrade for the C100. Now, continuous autofocus will be available as an upgrade on the EOS C300 with Canon autofocus…


Look: Cooke Anamorphic 40 mm


Prototype Cooke Anamorphic 40 mm at T2.8. Photo by Jon Fauer of Cooke Optics Chairman Les Zellan taken at Micro Salon on Sony A7R with MTF PL to E-mount adapter. The beard is sharp, the skin tones are smooth, and there…

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CP+ Camera Show Japan


In addition to remembering Feb. 14 on our calendars as Valentines day, we also mark Feb 13 – Feb 16  for this year’s biggest Camera Show in Japan: CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show 2014 in Yokohama. And it shows…


BSC Expo – Images Added


The 2014 BSC Expo was held at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, near London, on January 24 and 25. This year, the Expo hosted around 2.500 visitors—up from last year at Pinewood. Attending the Expo was also an opportunity to…