NAB Day 3


NAB Day 3: Band Pro, Easyrig, ARRI, Canon, Cartoni, Mole Richardson, Vitec, OConnor, Anton/Bauer and many others.

NAB Last Day


    NAB 2015 has been big. Smiling exhibitors. More visitors than last year: NAB estimates over 100,000. Lots of equipment being purchased.

AbelCine Monitor Bracket


New monitor bracket from AbelCine — has brake pads to prevent drooping.

NAB 2015 Day 2

A Las Vegas Dust Storm on the second day of NAB 2015

NAB dust storm. Matthews, Codex, Leica, Shotover, DSC Laboratories, Panasonic, Really Right Stuff. read more…


40th Anniversary of Steadicam

Garret Brown Inventor of the Steadicam  and Ste Tiffen celebrating the 40th anniversary of the device at the Tiffen Booth at NAB 2015

A party for the 40th anniversary of the Steadicam was held a NAB 2015 in the Tiffen Booth with Garret Brown honored for his Oscar-winning invention.


FDTimes at NAB C10106


Visit Film and Digital Times Booth C10106 (across Band Pro and Sony, along the wall) at NAB for complimentary copies of our April Edition, the Leica special Edition, and a few remaining copies of the February issue. You can also… read more…

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Blackmagic URSA Updates

Version 2.3 Software update for Blackmagic URSA cameras now online at 150 fps recording in 1920 x 1080 HD window mode. ProRes 444 XQ Recording onto 2 CFast 2 cards simultaneously in RAW, with higher frame rates in RAW. Support for the new V2 4K URSA image sensor which allows Ultra HD capture to 120 fps. read more…

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Canon XC-10 (UHD, 10:1 zoom, 1”)


Canon’s 5D paved the way for still cameras that shoot video. This one is a video camera that shoots impressive stills. If Canon’s XC-10 looks like a mirrorless camera, well, it is. It will be at home on gimbals, drones, rigs, remotes, and anywhere else a lighter, smaller 4K camera with attached zoom lens is requested. Tim Smith called it a “POV and rig camera on steroids.” It’s also a lot more. The XC-10 has a 1-inch sensor and an attached 10:1 zoom lens: 8.9-89 mm f/2.8-5.6. That’s approximately 17.6-176 mm in 35mm Academy Format. It records UHD 3840 x 2160 AVC Interframe 422 8-bit up to 30 fps , 60 fps in HD.

You can shoot 12 megapixel stills, or you can get 8 megapixel framegrabs from the video recording.

 read more…


Zoom over to Cooke

Les Zellan, Chairman of Cooke Optics

At NAB 2015, Cooke Optics will announce the first of several new secret lenses to join its existing set of front anamorphic primes. Since the official word from Cooke is “zoom along as quickly as possible,” one might guess what it is. read more…

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The third annual AIC (Associazione Italiana Autori della Fotografia Cinematografica – Association of Italian Cinematographers) Micro Salon Italia, organized by Daniele Nannuzzi – just reelected as AIC President – and Luciano Tovoli,  with the help of Simone Marra, secretary general AIC, moved from its original Cinecittà Studios Stage 1 & 2 location to E.U.R.’s Salone delle Fontane. This is the same location that Federico Fellini used in the 70s as one of the sets for “Boccaccio 70” starring Anita Ekberg. read more…

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Master Anamorphic Flare Sets


It’s been a busy day in Munich. ARRI unveiled a new series of Master Anamorphic Flare Sets. Each of the 7 ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic lenses gets its own individual and easily replaceable front and rear glass element. They can be used individually or in combination. This results in 4 Master Ana permutations: no flare set, front element flare only, rear only, and combination front and rear. read more…


Codex for Alexa SXT

ALEXA SXT - Plus Codex SXR Drive - side view

The ALEXA SXT cameras have an updated Codex recording “engine,” similar to the system built into the ALEXA 65. It uses the latest SXR Capture Drives, which offer an astounding data rate of 20GB/s. ALEXA SXT cameras have a new, internal media bay, developed by Codex, that accepts the latest SXR Capture Drives. Adaptors let you use existing XR Capture Drives, as well as SxS cards and CFast 2.0 cards. read more…

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Ben Smithard on “2nd Best Exotic…”

Ben Smithard, BSC

A conversation with Ben Smithard, BSC about his work as Cinematographer on “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” released in the USA on March 6, 2015. JON FAUER Tell us about the style of “Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and… read more…

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Galerie Cinema


Galerie Cinema is an exhibition of photos by filmmakers.  It’s open to the public from March 10–April 10, 2015 at Payne Whitney House, 972 5th Avenue (at 79th Street) in New York.  The white-marbled mansion was designed by Stanford White and… read more…

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1 Codex, 4 Alexa Minis, No Waiting


Normally associated with barbershops (4 barbers no waiting) and Jimmy Contner, when he was a camera operator (2 cameras no waiting)… Codex announced 8-channel HD-SDI recording for the new ARRI Alexa Mini camera. The Codex recorder will enable simultaneous ARRIRAW recording from… read more…

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AMIRA SUP 2.0 & 3.0 Updates


  ARRI Amira SUP 2.0  Scheduled for release in March 2015, SUP 2.o promises UHD recording with the purchase of a license at the ARRI License Shop (and camera sensor calibration at an ARRI service center for cameras purchased in… read more…

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AFC Micro Salon


  Images of AFC Micro Salon, Feb 6-7. This was the 15th year of the annual expo and seminars held at la fémis in Montmartre–organized by the Association of French Cinematographers. Photos by Garry Yankson and Hugues Faure from EMIT. Click… read more…


Andreas Kaufmann, Leica Camera


Interview with Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of Leica Camera, on the Leica Summilux-C cine lenses and the Academy Scientific and Engineering Award. Leica Summilux-C lenses got a Sci-Tech Oscar on Saturday. As the lenses were developed, I had interviewed most of the cast of characters involved in developing them. But we had never really discussed the point of view of Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of Leica Camera. Here is his interesting narrative on how these lenses came about.


  read more…

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Leica Summilux-C Sci-Tech Oscar


Feb 8. Beverly Wilshire Hotel. An Academy Scientific and Engineering Award was presented to Iain Neil for the optical design and André de Winter for the mechanical design of the Leica Summilux-C lenses. (In photo above, L-R: Erik Feichtinger, Managing Director, CW Sonderoptic; Christian Skrein, Member of the Board: André de Winter, Mechanical Designer; Iain Neil, Optical Designer, Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of Leica Camera and CW Sonderoptic; Gerhard Baier, Managing Director, CW Sonderoptic. read more…

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Rune Ericson 1924-2015


Rune Ericson, FSF passed away, age 90, while on vacation in Thailand. Father of Super 16 and 3-perf, he was a cinematographer, inventor, distributor, and fellow sailor. read more…

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