Fauer’s FDTimes NAB 2016 Slideshow


Four FDTimes photographers trekked the halls of NAB 2016. We covered 1,000,000 square feet, visited about 500 of the 1,700 exhibiting companies, and logged a combined total of  140 miles according to our iPhone step counters. Here is Jon Fauer’s FDTimes NAB 2016 photo gallery of products, people and places. Additional galleries, descriptions and news to follow. read more…

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NAB Needs a Proper Theater

Ceci n'est pas un theatre. This is not a theater.

Two of the highlights of NAB 2016 were presentations in South Hall Meeting Room S226. Ang Lee’s 120 fps 4K Stereoscopic 3D “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” was stunningly realistic, and Lytro Cinema’s Light Field presentation was a futuristic walk in the… read more…

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Erik Feichtinger at cmotion


Erik Feichtinger was Managing Director at CW Sonderoptic (Leica Cine Lenses.) We just learned today that Erik is now a new Managing Director at cmotion. Congrats. Above, l-r: Stephen Chappell, Christian Tschida, Erik Feichtinger, Sebastian Lumme.  

FDTimes NAB Edition Now Online

FDTimes Issue 75 April 2016 is now online. Subscribers can download–click on link. Paper copies are free at NAB and ship today to subscribers.


Can 2/3-Inch Broadcast Field Lenses Really Portray 4K UHD ?


There are quite a few 4K ⅔-inch broadcast lenses at NAB this year… Recently, some FDTimes readers have been asking similar questions. Rene Holbrugge summed it up: “My name is Rene Holbrugge and I work as a television cameraman. With UHD… read more…

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FDTimes at NAB

4/17/16 – 4/21/16
FDTimes at NAB 2016: Film and Digital Times Booth C10206

Film and Digital Times returns to NAB 2016 in the usual location: Central Hall, Booth C10206. We are against the wall, near Sony, across from Band Pro. Look for the big Airstar CUBE overhead with FDTimes logo and LED lighting. Free… read more…


AFC Micro Salon Paris 2016


Oops. This Photo Gallery and report from Micro Salon Paris should have gone online on February 7, 2016. It became log-jammed in the dreaded cloud until we managed to unfreeze it today. Most of the photos were taken with a Sony a7R II and a Vocas PL to E-mount adapter and cine lenses grabbed at the show. The AFC Micro Salon is a favorite annual expo, series of lectures and screenings in the old Pathé Film Studios, now La Fémis film school. There were many new products not seen before (at least by moi.) read more…

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Vittorio Storaro: Passage from Film to Digital


“Cafe Society” opens at the Cannes Film Festival on  May 11. It was the first digital motion picture for Director Woody Allen and Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC. Woody Allen has directed 47 films on film. Storaro has shot 58 films on film. The following article is the cover story of Film and Digital Times Issue 75, April 2016. Download the 13-page PDF (1.4 MB) article “Passage from Film to Digital: Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC.” 75FDTimes-Storaro-PassageToDigital read more…

Visiting Vitec’s OConnor Factory in Costa Rica (PDF)


“How would you like to build an OConnor 2575D?” Steve Turner  asked. Being the consummate geek, I immediately accepted. “Meet your professors,” John Hill said as he introduced me to the grinning OConnor assembly group. Were they smiling because this was a crazy idea? Would I manage to emerge unscathed, with all fingers and toes intact? Could I actually help build a finished fluid head from the 635  parts arranged in bins to our left—with names like Sector Drag Assembly and Upper Wiffletree Bearing? Download our 22-page PDF Report of the Factory Visit to Vitec Videocom Costa Rica. read more…

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Microsalon Italia 2016 by Tony Costa


Tony Costa, AIP sent this report and slideshow about his view of Microsalon Italia. Tony is a cinematographer who lives in Portugal and manages the Imago website. Microsalon Italia 2016 The fourth edition of Microsalon Italia was an absolute success. By evaluating… read more…

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Microsalon Italia 2016


MICROSALON Italia 2016. Rome, March 19. By Jacques Lipkau Goyard – The fourth edition of Microsalon Italia took place March 18th and 19th, held in the oldest film school in Western Europe and one of the most important movie archives in the world: the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” – the Experimental Cinematography Center. Slideshow of Images…. read more…


NAB Free Exhibit Pass from FDTimes


Film and Digital Times will be in the usual location at NAB — Central Hall: Booth C10206. Get a free exhibit pass courtesy of FDTimes: Go to and use this code: LV5724    

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SONY at 25 Madison Avenue


Sony Corporation of America has moved South—from 550 Madison Avenue to 25 Madison Ave. Today marked the first press conference held at Sony’s new New York HQ. It was a pre-NAB briefing, with lots of announcements not to be revealed until… read more…

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Sony Thailand Lens & Camera Factory


Chonburi. An hour south of Bangkok. Sony’s a7 Series cameras, e-mount lenses, and the new G Master lenses are assembled in this massive, high-tech factory. Full report coming in NAB April FDTimes.


March of the Penguins, Part II — ASC After-Party


Two years ago, I visited Steve Turner, Product Manager of OConnor, at Vitec’s Bury St Edmunds Factory. “One day, you should visit our plant in Costa Rica,” he said. So, here we are, two years later, at an ungodly early morning hour, as we staggered out of the ASC Awards After-Party (above) and headed for an Air Alaska Flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. That story comes next. read more…

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The 2016 ASC Awards – Updated

Matty Libatique, ASC bounce-card Jamie Lee Curtis

Emmanuel Lubezki, ASC, AMC; Vanja Cernjul, ASC, HFS; Pierre Gill, CSC; Adam Arkapaw, ACS; and Mátyás Erdély, HSC won in the four competitive categories at the 30th Annual American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Awards for Outstanding Achievement. John Toll, ASC got lifetime achievement award, Lowell Peterson got Career Achievement in TV, Ridley Scott got Board of Governors Award, and Bill Bennett, ASC received ASC Presidents Award. read more…


March of the Penguins, Part I – Sci-Techs


At the Oscar Sci-Tech Awards on Feb 13, Michael John Keesling was recognized “for the design and development of Image Shaker, an optical system that convincingly creates the illusion of the camera shaking in a variable and repeatable manner. Invented twenty… read more…

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Fujinon Moves to Cypress, CA


If you’ve been going to Redondo Beach for Fujinon lens service for the past 21 years, it’s time to reprogram your GPS. Fujinon’s Western Service and Sales facility is moving to a big, new Fujifilm location in Cypress, CA beginning Feb… read more…

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Ed Lachman ASC on Super 16mm “Carol”


Rarely has a film looked as beautiful as “Carol,” especially a film shot in Super 16mm. A lot of stars aligned. Todd Haynes directed. Ed Lachman, ASC was the cinematographer, with breathtaking lighting, moving camera, motivated reflections, mirrors, flares, streaks and muted colors. There was a confluence of excellent choices: among them, Cooke vintage lenses, Kodak Vision3 16mm film, Arriscan, and two great actresses, gorgeously glowing in muted lightread more…

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Masaya Maeda named next Canon President


Canon Inc. announced that Senior Managing Director Masaya Maeda will succeed Fujio Mitarai as President in March. Mr. Mitarai will remain chairman and CEO. The Japan Times writes that  Mitarai told a news conference in Tokyo that Maeda was chosen because of his efforts to position Canon at the top of the digital camera market. “As a digital leader, (Maeda) was one step ahead in advancing the digitalization of cameras,” Mitarai said. Maeda formerly led Canon’s camera division and launched the Cinema EOS series. read more…

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